Tuesday Garden Party 8.26.14

Tuesday Garden Party - Garden Inspiration for 8-26-2014

Happy Tuesday Garden Party! Are you vegetable gardeners swimming in produce like I am? Between our warmer than normal summer and the bee hives on our property, our garden is producing like mad and … [Continue Reading...]

Saying Goodbye To Our Vintage Trailer

1957 Dalton Canned Ham Trailer Wood Screen Door - An Oregon Cottage

This last weekend we sold our little vintage trailer we've had for 10 years that I wrote about here - the trailer that saw our family through many camping trips and vacations (like this and this). I … [Continue Reading...]

Friday Photos 8.22.14

Summer Rain on Hydrangea - An Oregon Cottage

It's Friday Photos, August edition! How're you all doing this fine August day? As you can see from the photo above, we've had a bit of rain here and there in the last few weeks, but nothing like we … [Continue Reading...]

Greek Style Pasta Salad with Green Beans & Tomatoes

Greek Style Pasta Salad with Tomatoes and Green Beans - An Oregon Cottage

Pasta salad just seems to go with summertime, doesn't it? I mean, who wants a pasta salad in the dead of winter? Well, maybe some do, but not me - I'm all about soups come wintertime. But pasta … [Continue Reading...]

Tuesday Garden Party 8.19.14

Tuesday Garden Party Features 8.19 via An Oregon Cottage

Are you enjoying the great posts we're getting linked up each week at the TGP? I know I am! What does the height of August look like in your garden? From what I've been reading, it's an off year … [Continue Reading...]

DIY Aged Fountain – How to Age Faux Stone

Easy DIY Aged Plastic Fountain - An Oregon Cottage

For the longest time since completing our herb garden project, I've dreamed of having a fountain to break up the wall space against the house where plants don't grow as well. When we lost so many of … [Continue Reading...]

The DIY Garden Bug Spray Video

DIY Garden Bug Spray That Really Works Video - An Oregon Cottage

You guys, I was so excited about how great the garlic-mint garden insect spray worked in our garden (and that I actually remembered to take pictures so I could share it with you), but I'm even more … [Continue Reading...]

Garden Chores for August

Garden Chores for August - An Oregon Cottage

Are you tired of watering yet? August sees me dragging garden hoses from one soaker to another for most of every week, then I take a break for a couple days before the cycle starts again. Whew. Okay, … [Continue Reading...]

Tuesday Garden Party 8.12.14

Tuesday Garden Party Features 8-12-14 via An Oregon Cottage

Wow, last week's first co-hosted Tuesday Garden Party was fantastic, wasn't it? With more than 100 links, there was plenty of inspiration to go around and I knew that Shelly, our host for this week, … [Continue Reading...]

August Dinner Menu Ideas

August Dinner Menu Ideas - An Oregon Cottage

August is full-on summertime here in the Pacific Northwest - school doesn't start back until Labor Day and the weather is usually reliably sunny and warm (although you never know here, really...). Our … [Continue Reading...]

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