Popular Brown Paper Flooring Follow-Up Video: How Are They 4 Years Later?

Brown Paper Floors 4 Years Later Video - An Oregon Cottage

More than four years ago Brian and I tore up the disgusting carpet in our daughter's room and covered the particle board subfloor with brown craft paper. While we worked on it, we shot footage for a … [Continue Reading...]

Tuesday Garden Party 7.22.14: Blight & Bugs

Bug-Eaten Trumpet Vine - An Oregon Cottage

Happy Tuesday Garden Party, friends! Today I thought I'd give you a quick update on our tomato blight. As you can see above, I still have a couple of plants that I need to prune some more (they are … [Continue Reading...]

Friday Photos 7.18.14

Red and Green Lettuce Bed - An Oregon Cottage

Happy friday, friends - I can't believe it's been so long since my last Friday Photos installment! For those of you who are new around here (major welcome, btw!), I like to post a few of my favorite … [Continue Reading...]

Tuesday Garden Party: 7.15.15 – Highlights

Driveway Veggie Garden Bin via Rindy Mae

Well, mid July usually means we're watering like crazy, though I've heard from some of you that you're getting more rain than usual. And being the Oregonian (and the butt of many rain jokes), it's a … [Continue Reading...]

How to Make Better Foam on a Home Cappuccino Machine

How to Make Better Foam on a Home Cappuccino Machine - An Oregon Cottage

This is a guest post from my beloved, Brian, who has gifted me with chocolate-topped cappuccinos every morning for more than 18 years. So, yeah, he has a bit of experience with foam, … [Continue Reading...]

Salmon Patties with Flax {Gluten-Free}

Healthy Salmon Patties with Flax - An Oregon Cottage

I love, love, love salmon. That and shrimp are the two things I mostly order when we eat out, if they're available. Steak-schmake, I'll always take a salmon filet or a shrimp skewer over it any day. … [Continue Reading...]

DIY Salvaged Chair French Bench: Video & Old House Journal Feature!

Video Tutorial on How to Make a DIY Salvaged Chair French Bench - An Oregon Cottage

I am beyond excited today to announce two things surrounding our popular tutorial about making a French-style bench from salvaged chairs that has been featured on sites like Apartment Therapy and … [Continue Reading...]

TGP 7.08.14: Fighting Early Tomato Blight

Fighting Early Tomato Blight - An Oregon Cottage

How was your July 4th weekend? Full of fireworks and food I hope! I had the food and fun time with our family, but passed on the fireworks (I know, we're lame). You can see from the title, though, … [Continue Reading...]

Garden Chores for July

Garden Chores For the Month of July - An Oregon Cottage

Even here in the Northwest the month of July usually starts a dry weather cycle and the garden chores mainly consist of watering, watering, watering. If you use a traditional vegetable gardening … [Continue Reading...]

Video: Easy Organic Weed Control with Paper and Mulch

Easy Organic Weed Control with Paper and Mulch-The Video from An Oregon Cottage

I'm so excited to share our newest video with you since I've talked a LOT through the years of this blog about one of my favorite ways to keep weeds to a minimum in flower, shrub, and perennial beds … [Continue Reading...]

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