Announcing “Sad Saturday” and Video

We’ve got a new monthly linky party we thought would be fun that we’re calling Sad Saturday.


You know that recipe that didn’t turn out? The craft that was kaput? The DIY project you had to have someone come fix? How about the duct-taped chair leg?

Take a picture, write a quick post explaining what happened and link up the first Saturday of each month!

Why? So we can commiserate together, solve problems, keep it real, learn from each other and laugh.

Yeah, we’re gonna laugh. They say laughter keeps the tears at bay, so let’s laugh.

Then we’ll take a deep breath and be ready to try again.

And if you don’t have a picture (I can think of a good one I didn’t get a picture of…), just post the story. If you don’t have a blog, leave a (short) story in the comments. Let’s just see what everyone is REALLY up to- and have some fun.

Here’s a video to help inspire you to link up your story on the first Sad Saturday this weekend, September 4th:

Click here to see Sad Saturday Video full size on YouTube.

So tell all your friends, this oughtta be good!

-Jami and Brian

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  1. Oh my goodness -
    Jami and Brian you guys are too cute!Well Brian you probaly don’t want to be called cute, but I loved the video. It was really fun and entertaining. I can’t wait to participate!! I already got one coming….

  2. Always Nesting says:

    Sounds hilarious!! I’m linking Oregon bloggers on my sidebar. Something fun and new. Would you like to be listed? Check it out and let me know.

  3. Oh! You two are hilarious! What a fantastic idea for a party… celebrating the bad & the ugly – but at least we’re doin’ it together : )
    & ya know everybody’s got one {lots}!

  4. What a cute/funny idea! Love it!

  5. Love the idea.

  6. That was a great video! I’m looking forward to Sad Saturdays. I think it’s going to be a hit!


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