Are You Ready For Another Sad Saturday?

Well, we missed it in January, but Sad Saturday is back for February! (You can even watch a video Brian did about it!) This Saturday (the 12th) I’ll post a sad tale from around the cottage and provide a linky so you can post something sad, too. Or you can leave a comment, it’s up to you.

Though it doesn’t have to be very sad. In fact, mine is not all that sad, really- just to me. An experiment that didn’t work out, shall we say.

So anything you tried that didn’t come out so well (like bread, home improvement projects, or whatever) are fair game for Sad Saturday.

Can you even wait for Saturday? *smile*






  1. I did not plan on having anything for this but boy did I mess up something today. I was really irritated until I remembered, “Oh I can just take a picture and submit it for Sad Saturday!” Thanks for the laughs.

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