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August Harvest and Preserving :: An Oregon Cottage

Hello, friends! Isn’t this basket a great picture of warm weather harvests? For us here in the north, it’s an August harvest, those of you in the south have already seen quite a few baskets like this.

I love this time of the garden year – tomatoes, beans, basil, zucchini, and peppers are some of my most favorite vegetables. Cucumbers, not so much – but I do love small pickles, so that’s why I grow them. We also harvested our first corn of the season this last weekend and added it to our Saturday meal – that first bite is always SO good! And that orangey-red striped tomato on top is our first Pineapple heirloom, which I am really looking forward to taking the first bite of, too.

I have two goals with my garden and harvests like this – fresh eating and preserving to (hopefully) last us through the winter. Here are some of my favorite preserving recipes I’m using over the next 2 months as these vegetables are producing in the garden:





  • Basil Pesto for the freezer {made with less expensive sunflower seeds!) – 20-25 small jars

Green Beans

What are your favorite ways to preserve these summer vegetables?



  1. That basket of veggies looks great! Enjoy your harvest.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting!! Enjoying all of the articles. Please come by our blog hop running every Sunday through Tuesday.

  3. Thanks for the great round-up for preserving. I started using your no blanch method for our green beans. Looking forward to using some of your tomato recipes.

  4. these look simply delicious.

  5. Thank you for the great recipes! I have been looking for some great tomato recipes to fill my freezer with and so many recipes include canned tomatoes! I could just buy canned tomato sauces then, right? Ridiculous! I’m excited to try some of these out and since I just picked a basketful of cucumbers yesterday, I’m thinking I need some refrigerator pickles! Lots of great ideas here! Thanks again! I’m going to be referring to this page a lot!

    • Whoa, that is weird – I wouldn’t want to start with canned tomatoes, either (unless I canned them myself and needed to use ‘em up, that is!). Hope you like these as much as we do!

  6. Your basket of produce is amazing. I wish I had tomatoes like that. thank you for hosting your garden party!

  7. Our cucumbers have not produced well at all this year. The plants have struggled along with some of them dying off. I think it’s a bug problem. So I need to purchase so cucumbers to make pickles.

    But I did get peaches for $5 a box this past week. I didn’t know what kind they were but took a chance and canned some of them and they held up. I was so happy they weren’t mush in the jars. I also dried a bunch too. I think one more box of peaches will hold us until next year.

    We harvested our first heirloom tiger tomato this year. The kids said it was really good. I grow tomatoes but I don’t like to eat them. :)

    • Bummer about the cukes, Shelly! But awesome deal on the peaches – I wish I could find that around here. :) My daughter feels the same about tomatoes – I asked her to cut some for a platter to take to a family gathering the other day and she tried to do it without getting any of the ‘yucky’ tomato juice on her fingers – gah!! What a nutty thing (I sorta reminded her that one day she’ll probably change a diaper and you gotta believe in the handwashing process to get you through, ha!).

      • I’m definitely a little weird with tomatoes. I don’t like fresh tomatoes but I will eat pasta sauce with chunks of tomato, salsa is good even with fresh tomatoes and I like ketchup. I think I just have trouble eating the fresh tomatoes because of the texture.

        The peaches were a great buy so I couldn’t pass them up. That day I also got a 34 pound box of romaine lettuce for free. So our whole neighborhood is having salads this week. :)

  8. I made both your refrigerator pickles and pesto last year and I’m doing them again this year! My husband said he wasn’t “a pickle person” but loved those…

  9. Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm says:

    What a beautiful basket of goodies!! I do a lot of preserving as well – you’ve got a great list of items I must try!! :)

  10. nice produce, your efforts shine……

  11. The basket is so cool…almost as great as the veggies!

  12. I hadn’t been by the Oregon Cottage in a few months, but as always when I dropped by I was encouraged. I have featured you in my post today as “a woman who likes to write and garden.”


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