Backyard Gazebo Progress – Tuesday Garden Party


One of the things we made progress on this last weekend (the one with the glorious weather!) was our corner-of-the-huge-deck-shed-thing turned gazebo.

Yes, I know it’s square, but I don’t know what else to call it- it’s enclosed like a gazebo and separate from the house. Can some gazebos be square? I hope so, ’cause that’s what I’ve been calling it!

As a little review, this is what we started with a little over a year ago. A gigantic, rotting deck- most of which went unused. During the following months we worked (albeit sporadically) to transform this area into a gravel patio, smaller deck in front of the french doors, and an herb garden (my favorite!).

This shed-roofed structure in the corner of the deck didn’t make much sense to me for the longest time. But the wood under the cover was surprisingly in good shape and I started to envision a little room that you’d step up into – gazebo-like.

So when Brian tore up the deck, he carefully cut the beams holding the floor under the shelter and added deck blocks where needed.

We salvaged any wood from the old deck that was good and used it to finish off the bottom of the floor and to make a couple of steps (the other step is around the left toward the back of the gazebo).

The top of the structure was made like a shed – and seemed pretty heavy. I wanted more of a arbor-look to the roof, but without too much effort- or spending more money.

I thought if we could remove the top horizontal board, cut back the fiberglass roofing material and angle the 2×4’s, it would look better.

“We,” of course, meaning Brian.

And look what he did this weekend! It worked- nothing shattered or came apart and it looks TONS better.

Brian had actually started on the railing last fall, but stopped for the winter. I finally decided I wanted to stain all the new wood and paint any white wood a brown to match, so I started staining the rails and it looks a lot more finished, too.

Why no white? Because most of the white looks like this post. Or black with dirt. Or green from Oregon’s damp. I kinda gave up on white garden structures after our last house. They look great in all the magazines, but I found they need a lot of upkeep in our climate.

All our structures now are either wood colored or mossy green. No need to fight what Oregon naturally grows anyway.

I also discovered- by accident – that brown blends into the background more than the white. If you look back at the first picture in this post, you’ll see a brown 4×4 post that replaced a rotting white one.

This is pretty much the view from our kitchen window, and I found I like the way the brown post doesn’t scream “I’m a garden structure!” at me like the white posts do.

So it’s a good thing some things take us a while to complete. I’ll be much happier with this wood-colored gazebo than I would’ve just keeping the white I’d inherited.

Did you get any projects done this last weekend?


  1. says

    The hubs wants to cover our arbor thing that’s over our patio like yours is covered. I don’t envy all that work you’ve put into it. :o)
    IIIII got to play in the dirt all weekend! The weather was amazing.

  2. says

    Looks like you made some good progress. I like the brown blending in. It’s my first time popping by here to do the link up. Can’t wait to check out more of your posts!

  3. says

    Very exciting. I was happy with our new patio! I am missing my home as I am in South Carolina until the middle or so of May. Cannot wait to get back to the garden, but am enjoying every minute with my granddaughter….mmmm…. better remind my husband to put out Sluggo in the strawberry beds…..

  4. says

    This is great Jami …I have to admit that I’ve stolen your idea with the bench out of 2 chairs. I’ve found 2 chairs with great lines and am going to attempt it … I’ll send you some pics once its done … this is my project over the next few days. Greetings from New Zealand

  5. Lexa says

    Even though it’s square, I say its still a gazebo! And a lovely one at that! You are all going to get so much enjoyment out of it this Summer. Wasn’t the weather this last weekend terrific? A promise of things to come.

    • says

      Hard to go back to our rain and gray days, though, Lexa. :-) Of course the rain’s back in time for my daughter’s track meet- she thinks the meet caused the rain to come back (it’s predicted for Thursday) ’cause it always seems to rain – or hail – on track meet days!

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