A Simple Laundry System

simple laundry system

Laundry is one of those things that I’ve always thought would be too basic even to talk about. I mean, no one I know talks about laundry unless it’s to say there’s too much of it. However, over the years I did notice friends always seemed to have laundry piled on the dining room table or […]

Back to Basics: Defrosting The Freezer

I got some great feedback on the The Back to Basics series that ran a few weeks ago. We looked at simple, easy, and cost-saving homemaking skills like making bread, jams, and pantry items, starting a garden, and creating simple cards and pillows. Since there’s a lot more basics we can cover, I’ve decided to […]

Back to Basics: Simple Straight-Stitch Sewing

If you’ve got bread cooling on the counter, lettuce growing in a raised bed, cards ready for the next birthday, ketchup, mayo, and chocolate syrup in the fridge and jam in the freezer, what better thing to do now than sew some simple projects? And we’re talking projects that can be made with only a […]

Back to Basics: Pantry Items

You’ll find lots of Pantry Basics here at An Oregon Cottage. What are Pantry Basics? It’s simply the term I use for items that are in everybody’s pantry or fridge door. The things I never once thought about making…I just threw them in the shopping cart on a regular basis. I started years ago making […]

Back To Basics: Simple All-Occasion Cards To Make

homemade cards

I hope you have made your first bread and scoped out where you are going to build your first raised garden bed! Today we are talking crafts for Back to Basics Week. But not the kind of craft that makes you feel like all thumbs. No, we’re talking about making cards which easily falls into […]

Tuesday Garden Party-Back To Basics In The Garden

How much more basic can you get than gardening? Growing your own flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables is as old as humankind. Problem is, we’ve sorta lost our foundation in the last half of the 20th century and grown far removed from time-honored traditions of working the soil. Now, as I sit here typing on […]

Back To Basics: Simple Breads To Make

To kick off the “Back to Basics” week here at An Oregon Cottage, we’re going to be making bread. Why bread? Shouldn’t we start with something simpler? My answer is this: bread is the staff of life. There’s something so elemental about baking bread to serve your family that it is…well, for lack of another […]

Back To Basics Week: Introduction

Are you wanting to save money, make nourishing foods, and do things for yourself and your family, but don’t know where to start? Or worse, you’re overwhelmed with all the information out there and give up before you start because it seems like too much work? Then next week, July 5th through the 9th, is […]

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