Add Old-House Character with Easy DIY Door Trim

Add Character to a Doorframe with Molding - An Oregon Cottage

One of the simplest ways to add old-house character to a newer house is to add moldings to interior windows and doors that are only painted sheetrock. Well, duh – I’m certainly not giving you any new information there, am I? Why write this, then? To give you the permission freedom to go ahead with […]

How to Hang A Plate Wall {ORC Week Four}

How to Hang a Plate Wall- An Oregon Cottage

Welcome to week four of my bedroom refresh one room challenge! Since I realized last week that I wasn’t actually supposed to be showing you the room, but only the specific items I was working on (so that there will be some sort of ‘reveal’ at the end, duh!), I thought this would be a […]

Plate Wall & Coral Additions: ORC Week Three

White chair: coral pillow & pouf - An Oregon Cottage

Two more things were checked off the to-do list this week for our one room challenge refreshed master bedroom. That’s good. What’s not so good is that one of them is causing me to rethink one of my previous projects, which is going to add another project to the list. Ugh – not good. But I’m getting […]

Thrifted Oil Paintings Gallery Wall and A Basket: ORC Week Two

Thrift Store Oil Paintings Gallery Wall

Week two of my master bedroom one room challenge {ORC} found me scrambling to finish something to be able to share with you! But that’s actually one of the reasons I signed up for this challenge – there always seems to be things that get in the way of acting on the ideas I have had for […]

How To Add Cottage Curb Appeal

How To Add Cottage Curb Appeal :: An Oregon Cottage

As you’ve no doubt gathered, I like a bit of cottage around here. To me a cottage isn’t necessarily a certain style, but more a mixture of a lot of styles – a place where everything you love lives together beautifully. It usually includes at least some classic, vintage, and time-honored decor and architecture. And […]

Antique Fair Inspiration

vintage music sheets

Look what I found lingering on my computer: photos from when Brian and I attended a local antique fair (the Coburg Antique Fair, held each September) that I never shared with you. It’s better late than never, though, because as I was looking through them I realized that Antique fairs can be great source of […]

DIY Kitchen Remodel: From 80′s Ranch to Farmhouse Fresh


I’m over-the-moon-excited to tell you we are 99% done with our kitchen remodel! AND that we’re not living with this anymore. Can the DIY sigh of relief be heard around the world, do you think? Are you ready? Here’s the kitchen in all her new glory: I’m in love with everything: the counters, of course, […]

Gazebo Inspiration

Backyard with deck

Do you have an outdoor area you could turn into a “room” that would act as a sort of getaway right in your own yard? We inherited a structure in the corner of our huge, rotting deck when we moved to this house that I’ve dreamed of turning into a place in it’s own right. […]

Fresh And Frugal Cottage Ideas, Part 2- A Better Homes And Garden Comparison

Fresh-Frugal Cottage Ideas-2

In the first part of Frugal Cottage Ideas, I used a list from the Better Homes and Gardens website to see how our Oregon Cottage does interpreting the “cottage look.” In this second part we’ll look at the rest of the items on the list. So far, it’s been a lot of fun for me […]

Fresh And Frugal Cottage Ideas, Part 1- A Better Homes And Garden Comparison

Beadboard wall-cottage ideas-1

One of my favorite magazines has always been Better Homes and Gardens. I love the accessible decor, food, and crafts. As I was checking out their website the other day, an article that caught my eye titled Fresh and Frugal Cottage Ideas. Can you guess why it might have appealed to me? Frugal and cottage in […]

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