Tuesday Garden Party 5.27.14: Herb Garden

Herb Garden Plan - An Oregon Cottage

Hello, friends! I recently began the replant of our back door herb garden that was pretty much decimated by our -10 degree weather we had this last winter. I actually was pretty surprised at this, since it’s a southern-facing garden up against the house. But the only things that survived without any damage were the chives […]

The October Garden {TGP}

October 2013 Sideyard

Welcome to my October garden! We’re definitely feeling not only fall here, but also the end of the season with a number of plants biting the dust with some early light frost we had last week. That combined with our record-setting September rain has put quite a damper (pun completely intended) on the garden. Hydrangeas, […]

September Blooms {TGP}

Blooming Pink Begonia :: AnOregonCottage.com

Even though it seems like every blog I visit is talking about pumpkins, leaves, fall and getting cozy by the fire, I’m still busy relishing our garden’s September blooms! Even though there are many things I enjoy about fall, I’m usually drug kicking and screaming into it because I know the seemingly endless cold and […]

Table Grapes! {TGP}

Red Grape Cluster

I’m so excited to share about our grapes with you all – I can’t believe how much they’re producing in only their third summer! We had a large grape arbor over a seating area in our last house and I loved the shade the vine provided, as well as how it looked with grape clusters […]

Tomato Plants Update {TGP}

Green tomatoes.7-13

Do you remember back in the early spring when I shared this photo of my seedling pepper and tomato plants: And that what was wrong was the fact that there are dog hairs sticking out of some of the plants – because our dog had gone crazy (trying to get a mouse, we now assume) […]

Cottage Garden Flowers {TGP}

cottage garden blooms.6-13

Isn’t June just the most amazing month for gorgeous blooms? My cottage garden flowers are putting on quite a show right now that I’m trying to enjoy as much as possible because I know the dry days of August and September are not far away – the the borders will show signs of browning, the […]

June Planting & Harvest {TGP}

harvest 6-01-13

Happy Tuesday Garden Party! Today I thought I’d just share a bit of what’s going on in our garden. I had big plans to share a tutorial on how to plant a corn patch with no weeds all season (yes, it can be done!), but it’s not to be this week. The new goal is […]

The March Garden {TGP}

overwintered caul.3-13

With the start of a new season, I’m always thinking the garden should be – poof! – growing and providing food. Too bad I don’t plan and plant enough during the fall and winter to actually make that happen. I’ve looked into it, because Steve Soloman (Gardening West of the Cascades) says we can grow […]

Chicken Coop Progress!

Coop before side_mark

I’m so excited to share with you the progress we’ve made on our future chicken coop! Since I’ve been talking for years about wanting to keep a few chickens on our acre, you all can probably guess how fun it is to finally see it coming together. We started with this three-sided structure on our […]

March Garden Craziness- Tuesday Garden Party


I know from past experience that we often get wild and crazy weather in March. It’s our daughter’s birthday month which makes it easy to remember that we’ve celebrated her birthday in sunshine as well as snow and hail. But it’s always weird to me. Especially since last week the rest of the country enjoyed […]

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