The Remodeling Series Wrap-Up And A New Video

An Oregon Cottage Before and After - 2004-09

For those of you who’ve been with me from the first part of the Remodeling Series (ahem…last August), I just want to say thank you for letting me write overly-long posts where I could ramble ad-nauseam about my likes, dislikes, failures, and successes surrounding DIY remodeling. So, in gratefulness for reading, commenting, and hanging in there […]

The Remodeling Series Part 7: The Master Bath

Master Bath Remodel After - An Oregon Cottage

This is part 7 of Our Whole-House Remodeling Series. I hope you enjoyed our main bath remodel that I shared yesterday. While I really like that bathroom, I’m excited to show you our master bathroom because I love it! More than a year later I still walk into it and marvel at the changes. This is what we started […]

The Remodeling Series, Part 6: The Main Bath

Main Bath Remodel After - Cabinet Vanity_An Oregon Cottage

I promised this last part of the Remodeling Series so long ago, I’m sure some might not even remember there was a remodeling series. But there was and I am finally ready to finish it by showing you the bathrooms and then doing a closing post on what I learned throughout our whole remodeling process […]

Remodeling Series Part 5: Garage Conversion {Offices}

Garage Remodel Workroom Windows - An Oregon Cottage

See parts 1-4 of the remodeling series here. Here again is our hallway from the kitchen into the former garage. In part four of our whole house remodeling series I showed you the room to the left in the hallway, the laundry room. Now it’s time to visit the other rooms that we converted our garage […]

Remodeling Series Part 4: Garage Conversion {Laundry/Mud Room}

Garage Conversion Outside Before - An Oregon CottageGarage Conversion Outside Before - An Oregon Cottage

See remodeling series parts 1 – 3 here. This is what our garage looked like when we bought our house – your typical ranch-style attached garage. We knew the house was too small when we bought it (Brian works from home and the main house consisted of only one large great room in addition to the […]

Remodeling Series Part 3: The Bedrooms

Bedroom 1 before - An Oregon Cottage

See parts one and two of this series here. The very first week we owned our house, we farmed the kids out to relatives, lived in our little trailer in the driveway and painted the entire inside of the house (our possessions were still in storage after selling our city house). In part two, I […]

The Remodeling Series Part 2: Painting The Great Room

Remodeling Series Hallway Before and After - An Oregon Cottage

Our remodeling saga started the first week we owned our house, even though the first part of this series started with the outside. When we bought our house, every piece of molding, all the wood, doors, ceilings, cupboards, and floors (the ones that were wood, anyway), were stained DARK walnut and the walls were all […]

The Remodeling Series Part 1: Ranch to Cottage

Exterior Front Door Before-After - An Oregon Cottage

I’ve been wanting to do a series about remodeling our 1982 ranch house into a farmhouse-cottage, which was mostly do-it-yourself and on a pretty tight budget! We learned a lot of DIY skills working on our first house – a city bungalow – which helped with this house, though the learning never ends, it seems. […]

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