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With all the cold, damp, and icy weather is anyone else dreaming of spring yet? I am SO ready…now all we have to wait for is the calendar to cooperate (for us in the north that is). Well, and the weather I guess. In anticipation of spring, warmer weather, and diggin’ in the dirt – […]

April Seedling Update {TGP}

tomato seedlings 4-2-13

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see how my seedlings fared after our dog went on his wild rampage. No? Well – at least a teeny bit curious? By the way, thanks to your comments we realized that it was probably a mouse that Samson was trying to get! I don’t […]

Doggone Seedlings {TGP}


That, my friends, is my sad attempt at a pun. My first title, though, was ‘Dog-saster,’ so count yourselves lucky. Here’s the story: These are my three-week-old seedlings – yeah! Growing and looking good. Nothing wrong with that. I planted them similar to this post all about seed starting, except this year I’m trying a […]

Winter Gardening: Organizing and Buying Seeds

seed file box

I spent some time with my seed catalogs this weekend and got all the seeds ordered and bought for the coming gardening season. Woot! None of that business like last year when I didn’t start one seed inside, no sirreee. I learned my lesson as I had to shop at a number of nurseries and […]

All About Starting Plants From Seeds

If it’s February, then it means I want to start thinking about my garden. Actually, I could already be planting some things if I used a hoop house and was a little more exhuberant about being outside in the cold and rain. *blush* Anyway, I’ve heard from a number of you that you are ready […]

10 Vegetable Varieties To Try In 2012

I’ve been enjoying an annual tradition of mine this past month: reading my favorite seed catalogs and dreaming of the coming garden. I especially like seeing what new varieties there are and finding varieties may have been around, but are new to me. Every year I try to grow some things I haven’t grown before. […]

TGP: Favorite Garden Catalogs & Seeds

Pintetree catalog

Today we’re talking garden catalogs and the seeds we buy every year- in other words, the ones we won’t garden without! This is the place to let everyone know your favorites before we place our orders so maybe we can try them, too. Now, I’ve mentioned before why I love starting plants from seeds even […]

The Case Of Too Many Tomatoes

We pulled into my in-laws house for a visit recently and noticed there were tomatoes greeting us by the front door. I thought, “Well, that’s creative to plant them in a pot with nasturtiums and sunflowers.” Then I turned to the left and saw that there were tomatoes planted in the front mound that had […]

When Seeds Sprout

One of the things I enjoy about starting my garden vegetables from seed is the thrill I get when they sprout. It’s just such a little miracle. You put this dry, brown thing in more dry brown stuff, add some water and – poof! Plants emerge. Real, green living things. And sometimes they’re pretty old […]

Spring Seeds

I just got the first of my seeds started last weekend. If you’ve downloaded the PDF of my Organic Gardening Checklist (located in the sidebar), you know that I’m a little late. *sigh* But I’ve mentioned before that the checklist is the ideal, and well, I hardly ever live up to the ideal. Like, never. […]

How And Why To Start Plants From Seed

Here’s a new seed starting video from Territorial Seed Company that is another helpful tool in taking the mystery out of starting vegetables and flowers from seed. It has good, basic information, although I will say that I didn’t agree with the watering method used. I know from experience that when watered from the top […]

An After-Christmas Tradition (For Garden Nerds)

The Christmas tree is gone, the decorations all in their boxes ready for the attic, and now I finally get to sit down with my… Garden catalogs! Seriously, my daughter rolls her eyes at this (welcome to life with a 13-year-old), but I restrain myself through the holidays, putting aside the new year’s gardening catalogs […]

Vegetable Gardening Series Part 6: The Fall Garden

Have you started your seeds for a fall garden yet? In climates like Western Oregon, our vegetable gardens don’t have to end with the summer. Our last frost date is between October 15th and the 31st, depending on the area (and where you’re getting your information!) and with a little planning, we can fill the […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 3c: Planting the Seedlings

I should have taken a picture of the flat of seedlings I started back on March 9, but I didn’t think to take pictures at first, I was so intent on getting them into the ground! As I was preparing the bed, I realized I should do a final post on this little flat of […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 3b: Caring for Seeds Update

I wanted to give you a quick update on what the vegetable seedlings look like after 6 weeks. FYI for the crooked shop light: I just raise one side of the shop light to fit the tallest seedlings, in order to let the lower side still be closer to the smaller seedlings. Pictured above are […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 3: Caring For Seedlings Week 1

Caring for Seedlings at One Week - An Oregon Cottage

Here’s a look at the seeds I started a week ago: This tray is planted with tomatoes in 4-inch pots (which are actually 3 1/2-inches – go figure). Most of the tomatoes have come up (they’re pretty easy) which is in stark contrast to my peppers, which you’ll see in a bit. In my experience […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 2: How to Start Plants from Seeds

Seed Starting Equipment - An Oregon Cottage

Let’s start some seeds! Today I’m going to share how to start plants from seeds indoors weeks or months before your planting season so that you can have your own seedlings when it’s time to plant. Starting vegetables from seed can be less expensive (although it can be expensive if you buy a lot of […]

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