Easy Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner

How to Make an Easy Upholstery Webbing Spring Banner - An Oregon Cottage

Are you ready to make a super easy spring banner (or garland – have any idea what the difference is?) from upholstery webbing and chipboard letters like I promised after sharing our spring mantel last week? Seriously, if I were to have a specialty here on the blog, it would be quick & painless crafts […]

Add Old-House Character with Easy DIY Door Trim

Add Character to a Doorframe with Molding - An Oregon Cottage

One of the simplest ways to add old-house character to a newer house is to add moldings to interior windows and doors that are only painted sheetrock. Well, duh – I’m certainly not giving you any new information there, am I? Why write this, then? To give you the permission freedom to go ahead with […]

How to Hang A Plate Wall {ORC Week Four}

How to Hang a Plate Wall- An Oregon Cottage

Welcome to week four of my bedroom refresh one room challenge! Since I realized last week that I wasn’t actually supposed to be showing you the room, but only the specific items I was working on (so that there will be some sort of ‘reveal’ at the end, duh!), I thought this would be a […]

How To Easily Repair A Round Post-and-Rail Fence

How To Repair a Post-and-Rail Fence

When we moved into our house eight years ago, it came with a post-and-rail fence – the kind with round posts and round rails. It was looking a bit worn at that time with some bent rails and moss growing, but all the rails were at least intact. However, over those years the moss gave […]

How To Make a Desk with Ikea Trestle Legs and Old Wood Flooring

Salvaged Wood Trestle Desk

This is a guest post from none other than my better half, Brian. I am not a finish carpenter – I’m not even a rough carpenter. So things had to be pretty desperate for me to decide I was going to make a desk for my home office. What I found was that it was […]

Easy Ikea Butcher Block Countertop Cutting Technique & Video

Dark stained Ikea wood counters

Here’s a follow-up to our kitchen remodel that we’ve been meaning to share with you that wasn’t covered when we talked about the kitchen remodel details: how Brian found an easy and accurate way to cut our Ikea butcher block countertops using a circular saw. We know how popular these counters are firsthand: they were never […]

How To Turn a Vintage Window Into a Mirror

seasonal mantels with window-mirror

Last year I began the process of turning a multi-paned vintage window into a antiqued mirror that I could use on our mantel. It’s a fairly large window and any similarly sized mirror I found was beyond my budget (yeah- usually close to $100). This window had come from a building recycling business in our […]

How To Dry Plums

how to dry plums

Of all the fruits I preserve in some way – freezing, canning, or drying – dried plums are probably my family’s favorite. They are simply a wonderful chewy-tart snack that we eat almost as fast as I can dry them. And they are NOT prunes – they don’t have that off-putting texture or smell, nor […]

DIY Wood Tags Three Ways


You might have realized by now that I’m always on the lookout for simple handmade gift ideas that I can recreate for a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can find a whole series on handmade gifts here. I think homemade gifts are fun to give (and get!) because there’s a little bit of you […]

How To Make A French-Style Bench From Old, Broken Chairs

French Styled Bench

As promised,here is a tutorial on how to make a bench from two old, broken dining chairs in a classic French/European style. We finally finished it enough to photograph for you after I saw folks pinning the unfinished version I posted a while ago. I’m sewing a cushion for it, so it’s not totally done, […]

Beginner Pinterest Q & A

Pinterest Logo

Even though there are lots of tutorials out there, I’ve gotten a number of questions- here and in real life – about the basics of Pinterest, so I thought I’d do a quick introduction for those who need it. If you are a Pinterest-pinning fool, this isn’t for you, however- I’d love for you to […]

Top Tutorials Post- Not!

This actually should be titled, “Where is the 2011 Tutorial post you promised?” Well, I kinda got tired of all the “Top Ten” posts and wanted to be done with them, already. *blush* And if I’m tired of them, I figured you would be, too. I’m ready to move on to the new year- and […]

Book Page Ornament Tutorial: Accordion-Fold Rosette

Fanned bk pg. ornament

Ornaments made from vintage book pages seem to be pretty popular. There are many different kinds I’ve seen, and I made a few this year to add to our Christmas decorations. I like them all, but my favorite is this Rosette Ornament I made with accordion folds. You definitely get a lot of bang for […]

How to Transfer A Monogram To Wood: The Low-Tech, Non-Artsy, Super Easy Way


I really wanted to do something special and different with these garage sale chairs when I decided to redo them (see the before and after of the chairs here). Painting them something other than white (my go-to color) was the first step. Covering the seats with burlap (really popular right now) was the second step. […]

How To Wrap A Box With A Lid


A couple years ago, I wrote about our family’s easy gift wrapping system. A key component of this system is wrapping sturdy boxes and the lids that come with them separately so that they can be opened without tearing the paper and then be reused from year to year. While the finished box looks complicated, […]

How To Recover Dining Room Chairs

These $5 Craigslist chairs have become one of my favorite furniture face lifts in awhile. They were pretty easy to do and I just love how great they look with the $50 Craigslist table I redid last year. In fact, as I wrote in the before and after for the chairs, I’m actually surprised at […]

Easy, Custom Duvet/Comforter Cover

My daughter and I bought the material for this project last November. How does this much time go by? Ugh. She’s been very patient, and I finally finished it today. Seriously. She gets major kudos for not bugging me weekly about it, because she was very excited about it. Back in November. Um, well…I think […]

How To Make A Canvas Log Carrier


Since we moved to a house with a fireplace insert, finding an easy way to bring wood into the house became an issue we didn’t used to have. Well, bringing in wood without leaving a trail of bark and wood shavings, that is. When I saw a canvas log carrier advertised last fall that sold […]

How To Retrofit A Cabinet For A Microwave

As the first step towards a small remodel of our kitchen, adding an over-the-range microwave has made a huge difference already in how we’re able to use our kitchen and counters. However, we had to reconfigure the cabinet above the stove to make this a reality, and of course we are sharing the steps with […]

How To Clean And Care For A Cast Iron Pan (Or How I Learned To Love Cast Iron)

Loving Cast Iron

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to write about my success with a cast iron pan. Because for many years I was not successful. How many? Twenty years- and I wish I were joking. I aquired my cast iron pan shortly after Brian and I were married- I think it […]

How (And Why) To Make The Best Flax Seed Pillows

How to make flax seed pillows

My whole family loves using these easy-to-make flax seed pillows for everything from sore necks to foot warmers (on cold nights it’s a treat to slide into bed with warm toes!). And they have been one of the most popular gifts I have given as well as one of the most popular things I sold […]

Tutorial: Simple French Baguettes {aka, The Bread You Can’t Stop Eating}

Easy French Baguettes

I’ve been wanting to post this bread recipe for awhile, because next to Easy Artisan Bread, it’s my favorite bread to make. It’s mixed and kneaded in a food processor, (although, like anything, it can be made by hand) so most of the preparation time is spent waiting for the rise. In fact, this can […]

Bulletin Board Push Pins From Vintage Buttons And Jewelry

bulletin board push pins

Do you have old clip earrings, pins or costume jewelry stashed away somewhere? Me, too – I’ve picked up a lot of old buttons and jewelry over the years, thinking to use them in crafts. While most are very beautiful they really wouldn’t ever be used for their original purpose anymore. Inspired by cute push […]

Tutorial: iPad or eReader Cover From Old Ski Pants

diy ereader cover

Need a gift for a techie? How about a cover for one of their electronics? This cover is a fairly easy sewing project, although you do need basic sewing skills. Since it’s a custom fit it would work with any size Pad, eReader, or other small electronic device. This project came about because Brian bought […]

How To Make A Wood Table Clock


This little wooden table clock is a really cute and easy gift- even for the “less crafty” among us. It takes just a few easy steps and some inexpensive materials to create this- and not much time involved, either! I made one for myself when I gave these as gifts a few years ago, and I […]

How To Make A Rustic Wall Clock

Rustic Wall Clock

Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy (I swear!) rustic wall clock. This makes a great gift- I made these a number of years ago for my family for Christmas and they all loved them. In fact, they were way more enthusiastic for them than I thought they’d be! Isn’t this […]

Dining Table Before-And-After (Plus Tutorial!)

Dining Table After

I’m excited to finally be able to share the before-and-after of our dining table, plus a step by step tutorial so you can do this too, because I found that painting and refinishing is not hard – it just takes a bit of time. So, remember me telling you about this dining table I found […]

Kraft Paper Floor: A DIY Alternative to Wood Floors {Video Tutorial}


*UPDATE: Check out the definitive FAQ for the Paper Floor Technique where we answer all the many questions we get about this cool solution for any floor issues you may have!* Brian and I have created a video tutorial that shows all the steps needed to create a do-it-yourself floor using brown kraft paper and […]

Back to Basics: Simple Straight-Stitch Sewing

If you’ve got bread cooling on the counter, lettuce growing in a raised bed, cards ready for the next birthday, ketchup, mayo, and chocolate syrup in the fridge and jam in the freezer, what better thing to do now than sew some simple projects? And we’re talking projects that can be made with only a […]

How To Make a Dresser Into a Vanity

Dresser to Vanity

I’ve always admired dressers converted into vanities. In our city bungalow there just wasn’t enough room in either bathrooms for a dresser-vanity, so when it came time to remodel the bathrooms in our current house I was happy to see there would be enough room in the master bath, but just barely. Although I do confess […]

Video: My Best Painting Tip

I’ve painted a lot. Walls, furniture, accessories, exterior siding and trim (finished a year after the house was painted, *ahem*). You name it. I’m not sayin’ it all looked pretty, just that I painted a lot. I’m sure my first paint projects were nothing to write home about. But there’s something to be said about […]

My Favorite Salsa For Canning-Tutorial

favorite canned salsa

Our family LOVES salsa – if we don’t eat it everyday, at least I think it’s safe to say we eat it every other day. We have been spoiled with the flavor of salsa made with a variety of home-grown tomatoes, peppers, and onions. So every August and September I make enough batches to see […]

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