How To Make A Canvas Log Carrier


Since we moved to a house with a fireplace insert, finding an easy way to bring wood into the house became an issue we didn’t used to have. Well, bringing in wood without leaving a trail of bark and wood shavings, that is. When I saw a canvas log carrier advertised last fall that sold […]

How To Retrofit A Cabinet For A Microwave

As the first step towards a small remodel of our kitchen, adding an over-the-range microwave has made a huge difference already in how we’re able to use our kitchen and counters. However, we had to reconfigure the cabinet above the stove to make this a reality, and of course we are sharing the steps with […]

How To Make A Wood Table Clock


This little wooden table clock is a really cute and easy gift- even for the “less crafty” among us. It takes just a few easy steps and some inexpensive materials to create this- and not much time involved, either! I made one for myself when I gave these as gifts a few years ago, and I […]

How To Make A Rustic Wall Clock

Rustic Wall Clock

Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy (I swear!) rustic wall clock. This makes a great gift- I made these a number of years ago for my family for Christmas and they all loved them. In fact, they were way more enthusiastic for them than I thought they’d be! Isn’t this […]