Garden Chores By Month: February

Garden Chores by Month February

February is a hopeful time of year – it’s the end of winter and we can see spring on the horizon – at least the garden planning horizon. The garden chores are all about clean up, planning, and getting seeds started. If you need to plant, it’s a great time to get some deals on […]

Vegetable Gardening Series Part 6: The Fall Garden

Have you started your seeds for a fall garden yet? In climates like Western Oregon, our vegetable gardens don’t have to end with the summer. Our last frost date is between October 15th and the 31st, depending on the area (and where you’re getting your information!) and with a little planning, we can fill the […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 5: Organic Vegetable Garden Checklist

The Organic Vegetable Gardening Checklist is available as a PDF file. Simply click on the picture above to open and then print it out. This is a checklist I developed to help me keep track of our optimum planting schedule here in the Pacific Northwest, plus seeding and fertilizing information. I created this a few […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 3c: Planting the Seedlings

I should have taken a picture of the flat of seedlings I started back on March 9, but I didn’t think to take pictures at first, I was so intent on getting them into the ground! As I was preparing the bed, I realized I should do a final post on this little flat of […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 3b: Caring for Seeds Update

I wanted to give you a quick update on what the vegetable seedlings look like after 6 weeks. FYI for the crooked shop light: I just raise one side of the shop light to fit the tallest seedlings, in order to let the lower side still be closer to the smaller seedlings. Pictured above are […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 4: Design For Easy Care

I should probably start this part of the series with this confession: I have never grown vegetables in the “traditional” way of tilling a large spot of land and planting in rows. To be honest, the thought just scared me when I was a beginning gardener. And on a number of levels, too: I’d never […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 3: Caring For Seedlings Week 1

Caring for Seedlings at One Week - An Oregon Cottage

Here’s a look at the seeds I started a week ago: This tray is planted with tomatoes in 4-inch pots (which are actually 3 1/2-inches – go figure). Most of the tomatoes have come up (they’re pretty easy) which is in stark contrast to my peppers, which you’ll see in a bit. In my experience […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 2: How to Start Plants from Seeds

Seed Starting Equipment - An Oregon Cottage

Let’s start some seeds! Today I’m going to share how to start plants from seeds indoors weeks or months before your planting season so that you can have your own seedlings when it’s time to plant. Starting vegetables from seed can be less expensive (although it can be expensive if you buy a lot of […]

Vegetable Garden Series Part 1: Get Started Gardening

10 Basic Steps to Starting a Vegetable Garden - An Oregon Cottage

Welcome to the first post in our organic vegetable gardening 101 series where you’ll learn a little about my gardening history and then be able to get started gardening with 10 basic steps. My goal with this series is to arm you with inspiration, knowledge, step-by-step instructions, and tips I’ve learned so that you can grow your […]

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