Christmas Tree 2011

We finally finished decorating our tree two days ago. We got it on Saturday afternoon, but had a concert that night and when we got out the lights for it on Sunday, two fairly new strands of 250 lights didn’t work.

Two. From sitting in the box in the attic. How does this even happen? Such a waste.

And since 500 lights was pretty much the bulk of our tree lights, we had to get some more.

Which of course couldn’t be found in 250 light strands.

Three 100 strands later (+ two 150 strands we scrounged from our outdoor lights), we were ready for decorating.

The glitter on the vintage book page birds I made sparkles nicely from the reflection of the lights.

I love how these round, accordian-fold ornaments look on the tree – as well as how easy they are to decorate other places around the house, too. They look good hanging from a window, topping a feather tree, and accenting a “JOY” banner.

The only thing I’m not sure of is what to call them. I’ve seem them referred to as “pinwheel” ornaments, which they really aren’t, “flowers” which sorta work, but there are actual flowers made out of book pages I’ve seen with rolled-edge petals, so that’s confusing. They seem to be fans, but double fans, I guess.

Hmmm, I’ve got to figure it out soon, ’cause I’ve got a tutorial coming in the next few days…

And of course we have fun bringing out ornaments from years past. These balls we made with glue and glitter were simple and fast and they remain some of my favorite ornaments.

We did lines on some, swirls on others. Mine are a little more precise than the kids’ were, but my son actually made one of his balls into a globe with glittery continents. I mean, I know it’s a globe with continents, though other people might not recognize it at first.

Don’t you love the memories that accompany unpacking the ornaments each year?

Here’s a shot of the full, lit up tree. I added burlap ribbon and a burlap tree skirt which I think coordinates perfectly with the faded, vintage book pages.

But I still had to have the glitter in the form of bead garland, shiny balls, glass icicles and chandelier prisms. And pops of purple.

It’s the best of both worlds.


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  1. Jami, your tree is beautiful. Why not call the ornaments star bursts. Have a greatday. Blessings…Mary

  2. Beautiful tee Jami!

  3. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says:

    Thanks for the name suggestions for the ornaments! It helped when I Googling. :-) “Rosette” came up the most for the style I made, so I’m going with “accordion-fold rosettes.” Still trying to include enough information to describe what they are. ;-)

  4. It looks beautiful. Elegant and yet still simple. Love the pops of purple!

  5. Becca's Dirt says:

    Beautiful tree. I love old ornaments and we each have them and they mean so much. Have a wonderful day.

  6. I love the mix of rustic and shiny. Great tree.

    brenda from arkansas

  7. I have seen them referred to as “paper medallion ornaments”. Beautiful tree (of course, ALL Christmas trees are beautiful!)

  8. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says:

    The book pages look great! And purple is a favorite color in our house so I really like that!

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