Ebates and Lilla Rose on Black Friday

Well, hello on this “black friday” um, national holiday? Longtime readers may remember this post on how I feel about shopping the day after Thanksgiving – where we’re thankful for everything we already have – so you probably know I’m not out elbowing fellow Americans in a crowded store.

That said, I do like a good deal. Shocking, I know. And the stores put on some amazing deals this time of year which I’m happy to take advantage of – online in the comfort of my home (no elbowing allowed here). So yes, I cyber shop. I check out the deals all through the weekend, actually, as I’m checking my email and especially on Cyber Monday.

If you’re doing the same, I want to share with you a couple of savings tips:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back 1. The first is to sign up for Ebates (if you haven’t already, you can sign up here) and most importantly – remember to use it! I’m kicking myself for an order I placed last week for Christmas items that I forgot to go through Ebates first – ugh.

But here’s the thing about Ebates: This is the time of the year that I do most of my online shopping and so this is when it pays off – like Swagbucks (who happen to be having a double-buck day, so do your searching through them!), it’s getting money for doing something you already are planning to do! You get a check in the mail when you reach the minimum amount. Yep, just like that, money back.

Here’s how Ebates works: shop and add to the store’s cart like normal, but before checking out, go to the Ebates home page, find the store, and click the shop button. You’re then taken back to the site – and your cart is still ready to go, but now you’re going to earn 2-6% back on those items. It’s that easy. Of course you can start at Ebates, find a store, and then start shopping, I just usually am already at an online shop.

And right now during this crazy shopping time, they are offering double percentage cash back at most stores AND they’ve recently added a number of Amazon categories that are now eligible for cash back, so you’ll want to check Ebates before placing any order. Oh, and they also have a referral program (in fact, these links are my referral links, so thanks if you do sign up!) so you can make a few more bucks by sending folks their way. And money for nothing is one of my favorite things to let people know about!

black friday sale 2. The second thing I want to share is that Lilla Rose is having a big sale as well – not only is there a free shipping option, but you will receive 20% of all orders! These are quality items for all hair types that happen to be very beautiful as well. I really appreciate their sponsorship of AOC (through sweet Lizzie) and hope that you will look through their offerings and see if any of the products would work for your gift-giving lists this season.

Okay, so tell me, what are you doing this weekend? Any shopping?


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