Favorite Family Recipes

In addition to finding menus according to season and An Oregon Cottage recipes in the Kitchen button, here is another way to find recipes for menu planning. This list of our favorite family recipes will be kept on the Menu Planning page for future reference and will be updated regularly.

These are the recipes our family loves, the ones that have been tried and passed the test according to taste, simplicity, and frugality. These are not only recipes from An Oregon Cottage, but also ones from other sites that I use and like and thought you’d enjoy being able to access from one spot.
Remember, taking a few minutes (really- you can make it as simple or complicated as you want- I just plan dinners) to plan a menu is one of the keys to getting and keeping your food budget reigned in and simplifing meals, kitchen time, and, well, life.
Slow Cooker Dishes
Meat (Beef and Pork)
Sub Jee (curry flavored vegetables wrapped in a tortilla)
Soups and Stews
Sides and Vegetables

(Please see Desserts on the Kitchen page for lots more- we don’t have dessert very often after dinner when it’s just our family, but when we do, it’s usually one of these)
*Visit Organizing Junkie for more Family Recipe Indexes to help with Menu Planning.




  1. This is great…I’m good at budgeting for bills. I’m still learning the art of buying food on a budget!!! Thanks for making this easy peasy for me :) :) :) I’m especially intrigued by maple mustard chicken..I love honey mustard..never thought to try maple!!! Love and hugs from Southern Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Mother-in-law says:

    Dear BJ,
    How can I find your directions for the perfect espresso coffee drinks. I can’t find my printed copy.

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