Friday “Live Well On Less” Update

I’ve mentioned in previous weekly shopping posts that one of our goals this year is to reduce our monthly groceries/household budget area. My goal originally was to be at $400.00 or less EVERY month, but am now realizing that it’s very possible to aim lower as I build my stockpile, optimize the use of my pantry, use coupons, and shop at drugstores.

So the update:

After only 2-1/2 months, our monthly bill dropped by $130.00 (see my sidebar) and we’re on track this month to go even lower! I’ve spent $252.00 so far which is about $100.00 less than I was at this time in February. I’m aiming for just $50.00 each week for the next two weeks, bringing us to about $350.00 for the month. Honestly, I did not think this was possible just a few months ago and it’s a real answer to prayer about our finances. I’ll continue to update my sidebar to see “how low can I go in 2009?”

I’d also like to share how this has inspired us to look at other areas of our budget to see where we can save. One of our other goals is to pay off a debt we incurred this last year building a garage, and we’ve already been able to put $1500.00 towards it by finding extra work and juggling around areas of the budget.

My point is it feels good to be progressing towards these goals and feeling like we have some control over our finances. We are (mainly) self-employed and therefore pay more in taxes which caused us to feel defeated in this area for awhile because we found that even if we earned a little more, our tax bill jumped and took more than half of the new income.

BUT, money we can save is %100 ours! Realizing this has really changed the way we think about many things, from big-ticket items such as a (new to us) truck to small things like eating out.

And we were by no means a spendthrift family – we’ve never had new cars, gone out to eat a lot or had a lot of new things. We sacrificed earning potential when our kids were little so I could stay home with them. SO if we can find new and inspiring ways to save and gain more control over our finances, I know many people can. Start small, like I did, focusing on one area like groceries and see where it takes you!

See for more stories to inspire you to aim high.






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