Garage and Yard Sale!

It’s been years since we’ve attempted a garage/yard sale, but we thought we’d try one again and see if it’s worth it. We live in a great area that we can draw quite a few people with only signs out on the highway, so our only advertising was a Craigslist post.

We did spend time making good, easy-to-read signs and have already had people comment on how good they were at making it easy to find.

OK, this one looks a little, um, homemade. But the others on the highway are really good, honest.

We’ve already had about 15 people in the first hour and sold a number of things. Thank goodness it’s not going to be 100+ degrees today like it’s been the last few days!

We have things like clothes, blankets, and small items just inside the garage. We wanted all the items to be as visible as possible from the road and as people walk up, so we kept things pretty close to the driveway.

Each of the kids has some things to sell and we’re keeping track so they get to keep the money. This is my daughter’s table. She did all the pricing and arranging herself.

Kid’s things really draw in the shoppers, I hear…

And the ubiquitous “Free” pile.

Hey, one man’s trash…

I’ll let you know what the bottom line is as far as time involved vs. money made. Do you think it’s worth the effort?






  1. Shoot!
    Wish we lived closer – we’d take that pool ladder off your hands. :D
    Found your CL ad. I’d guess you’re a good hour drive from me.
    Sounds like you’ll do really well today – especially considering all you’ve already sold!

    I think it’s worth the effort to get rid of stuff. Even if you don’t make a whole lot of money.
    And that’s coming from a recovering hoarder.

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