Monday’s Menu

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day! My kids cooked for me and that was pretty nice.

Did you get a chance to see the new monthly series here at An Oregon Cottage- Seasonal Cooking? It’s all about using what we have in our menu plans, both what is fresh and what is in our pantries and freezers that need to be used.

For this week, I’m roasting some parsnips and turnips that I pulled from the garden (the last of the fall plantings), and we’re having one of my favorite, to-die-for recipes: Shrimp & Asparagus over White Bean Puree. And it will be easy to use some frozen corn and some tomatillo salsa I canned in a slow-cooker White Chicken Chili.

How are you cooking “seasonally” this week?

Monday- Roasted Sausages & Vegetables (garden cauliflower, parsnips, & turnips, plus potatoes and sliced carrots), salad, easy artisan bread

Tuesday- dinner & movie

Wednesday- Slow cooker White Chicken Chili, Bean & Cheese Quesadillas

Thursday- Shrimp & Asparagus over White Bean Puree, artisan bread, salad

Friday- District Track Meet: sandwiches, etc. (using 100% Whole Wheat Bread)

Saturday- Burgers on Quick and Tender Homemade Buns, oven fries, veggies & dip

Sunday- Baked ham, cheesy potatoes, Roasted cauliflower & asparagus, Individual Berry Crisps






  1. Mary W says

    I’m also trying to east from my gardena nd freezer. This week includes:
    -Pesto Pasta (frozen pesto from HG basil)
    -Chard and Olive Pizza (HG chard and home cured olives)
    -Something with the end of Broccoli (plants pulled last weekend)
    -Wilted HG mustard greens topped with pork chops

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