Monday’s Menu

I spent the weekend with our extended family celebrating my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary (they are so youthful and vibrant- they are such a wonderful example of what a great marriage can be!). It was so fun for us to be able to give them a gift of a special meal with family and friends as a token of thanks for all they’ve given to us over the years (time, love, and prayers most of all).

As I was talking with one of my favorite uncles, he pointed out that we seemed to have had a lot of sausage last week. He thought eating sausage three times in a week seemed excessive.


Well, although sausage was only scheduled two times last week (Monday and Wednesday), we actually didn’t have the grilled sausages planned for Monday (I didn’t have any- not a very good menu plan, huh?)- we grilled chicken kabobs instead.

Gee, can you tell I wasn’t very inspired last week? I knew I would be busy sewing for a deadline I’ve got and with the kids gone to camp I knew I didn’t really have to have a detailed plan. My one goal was to be able to have lots of different vegetables that I wouldn’t get any complaints about. *smile*

But the menu still helped me- I kept the planned grilled vegetables and bread, and only substituted chicken for the sausages. Our plans also changed for going out, so I switched some things around, but what we ate stayed the same.

I also had two salads planned (chef’s salads and taco salads), but my uncle didn’t seem to think that was a problem. Hmmm…

What do you think-do you ever double up on a menu plan?

Monday- Grilled turkey burgers on Quick and Tender Buns, Caesar Slaw, chips

Tuesday-Kung Pao Chicken and coconut rice (rice cooked in a mixture of coconut milk and water), Asian slaw with peanuts (cabbage, carrots, & peppers with an ginger-red pepper spiced vinaigrette)

Wednesday- Grilled Chicken sausages (they’re baaaack…), grilled Walla Walla onions, Grilled Potato Planks, green salad

Thursday- Linguine with shrimp and tomatoes (new recipe), steamed broccoli

Friday- visiting family

Saturday- working on another video shoot

Sunday- leftovers/on your own






  1. I always appreciate how your menus have variety but also familiar foods. Every Monday you post your menu and I am making planning a menu a goal of mine. No more last minute dinners on the fly! Thank you for sharing.

  2. ive seen menus with chicken all week! lol
    nothing wrong with it
    I would love if you stopped by my blog and checked out my Menu Plan
    Have a great week
    From Cristin To Mommy

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Monday’s Menu

My lofty plans for the weekend were thwarted by rain.

Yes, I know it’s Oregon- I should be used to it…just ignore it…yada, yada, yada.

But it poured…ALL.DAY.LONG. Not monsoon, granted, but the kind of soaking, cold rain that makes it miserable to be outside for any length of time.

So I didn’t get anything checked off my list for the garden. But poor Brian and our friend Rich worked the entire day making steps for the new back porch and gazebo.

I felt so bad watching them get wetter and wetter as the day wore on.

But not enough that I wanted to join them out there. *smile*

I think we’re in for a dry week, though- wonder what will get checked off the list with a busy week ahead?

Monday- Ham Bone Soup, garlic-cheese bread (made with easy French Baguettes), vegetables & dip

Tuesday- Thai-Inspired Chicken-Veg. Curry, Orange Almond Salad

Wednesday- (track meet) sandwiches (made with 100% whole wheat sandwich bread), chips and veggies

Thursday- Hoisin-Baked Salmon on Soba Noodles (I don’t have Hoisin sauce though, so I’ll use some home-canned plum sauce instead)

Friday- Chili, cornbread with honey-butter, salad

Saturday- Dinner out

Sunday- Easter dinner (I’m bringing a salad)






  1. I’m feeling ya on the whole rain issue! I live in Southern Oregon and we have had soooo much rain this year. Every one keeps saying how good it is, but I don’t care how good it is any more or how much we need it, I’m all rained out!

  2. Stopping by from Ask Ms Recipe- Hope you stop by my Marvelous Menu Post so I can visit you back.
    Thanks Nina

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Monday’s Menu

Oh my goodness, it was such a beautiful weekend here, I can’t even tell you! I was at the Oregon Coast and it was blue skies and no wind- and if you know anything about the coast you know the “no wind” part is the most amazing!

Ah, weather like this coupled with trees colored with red, orange & yellow leaves against the blue sky makes me stop lamenting the early end to our short summer here. It didn’t matter that we topped out at only 60 degrees, either.

Plus, I was able to get most of the tomatoes preserved- whoo, hoo! I have a few bags of frozen plum tomatoes that I need to turn into BBQ and pizza sauces, but all the other tomatoes have all become salsa and roasted tomato sauce.

Now the fruit flies can leave, thank you.

I don’t know how long this weather is supposed to last, but it’s soooo nice. Hope you’re all having some good weather, too…

Monday- Belize Beef on Potatoes (easy and flavorful- recipe to come), garden salad (sadly, with purchased lettuce…)

Tuesday- Chicken-vegetable noodle bowl, potstickers (frozen), Asian slaw with peppers

Wednesday- Slow cooker: Turkey Pesto Lasagna, garden salad

Thursday- cross-country meet out of town: sandwiches or eat out?

Friday- Chicken Chipolte Chili, peppers & dip, quick breadsticks

Saturday- homemade pizza

Sunday- spaghetti with roasted tomato sauce






  1. Your menu sounds creative and yummy. I’m always looking for new meal ideas. Thanks!

  2. I live here on the coast and it was a yummy weekend. Glad you got to enjoy it too. And coming this time of yr. theres no traffic and tons of tourists.

  3. Sounds like you’re enjoying the weather. It’s going to be nice here in Georgia, I think it’s going to be around 83 today. Just wishing the 70s would stay :)

  4. Yum, Belize beef sounds good right about now. I have never made that before!

    I am enjoying the visit to your blog, and I hope you’ll come by to Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon.

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Monday’s Menu

Well, this week’s going to make the Eat From the Pantry Challenge easier- we will not be home for two, maybe three nights this week. So far, so good (well, at least after that first week).

We’ve been eating well during this challenge, a testimony to our freezer full of garden produce, meat, and things like Marinara sauce that make dinners easy. We’ve been eating granola and cereal for breakfasts, sandwiches, yogurt, and leftovers for lunches, and just a few beans and pasta dishes. We were able to use up little things in the fridge for our pizza on Saturday, and I look forward to using up potatoes, sausage, and hot dogs this week.

On another note, our family began a month’s moratorium on sweets. We’re not hardcore enough to go without at the three birthday celebrations we have in the next few weeks, but the point was to go without the little sugary things we had come to expect (and in some cases demanded)regularly. Even the *gasp* piece of dark chocolate we like to have after dinner.

The idea came to me one moring last week at about 4:00 when I couldn’t sleep and was replaying my kid’s fighting the day before about “my dessert” for lunch and “what was I going to have,” etc. I wondered how it became this way, since I had always thought sweets were occasional for us and not regular. Ahem…I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention.

When I proposed it to my family my daughter’s only response was, “I sure wish you’d sleep better.” :-)

So no more desserts on this menu until Valentine’s Day, which I guess it will be sweeter than normal (I just couldn’t let that one go…).

Monday- Lemon-Garlic Roasted Vegetable Bisque, broild Italian sausages, roasted carrots and potatoes

Tuesday- Chorizo and vegetable pasta (new recipe!), salad

Wednesday- Clam chowder, artisan bread & pesto, vegetable plate

Thursday- Dinner at friend’s

Friday- Out of town

Saturday- Pigs-in-a-blanket (wrap quick breadstick dough around dogs), carrots

Sunday- Leftovers






  1. LOL at your daughter. Too funny. You are braver than me, I have to have my chocolate.

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Monday’s Menu

It was so nice to have a plan for last week- we were so busy, but I could just come in the door and start our dinner (a quick and easy one) and be done with it. Nice. These are the times I’m reminded of why I like to have a menu.
This week’s a little different, as we have some parties to go to and are going out of town on Friday so I only need to plan a few meals (whoo, hoo!):
Monday: Slow Cooker Easy Chicken Santa Fe, Tortillas, Salad
Tuesday: Family birthday party
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Salad (got bumped from last week)
Thursday: Birthday dinner out
Friday: Out of town
Saturday: Out of town
Sunday: Popcorn shrimp, rice, salad (yes, this is the third time…it keeps getting bumped!)
So the only new thing is the slow cooker recipe, which uses boneless chicken thighs that I got on sale last week. If it’s a keeper, I’ll post the recipe as I do love using the slow cooker and coming home to the wonderful smell and knowledge that the meal is mostly done!
The weather here is beautiful- I’m so ready for it- that I don’t want to be spending a lot of time cooking. I see it’s time to break out the summer salads and easy recipes! I LOVE late spring and early summer…



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