Monday’s Menu

I was so glad for the beautiful fall weekend we had- 70 degrees, mostly sun and all the leaves changing colors on the trees. It was just beautiful.

I took a trip with the women in my family over to Central Oregon and the drive over and back was just what I needed to get into a autumn mode. The golds and reds just popped out of the green of the pines and firs. It made me want to come home and add some leaves to the pumpkins I have up for decorations.

Do you all decorate for Fall with the changing leaves from your yard?

Our daughter has her District Cross Country meet on Thursday and we’re going out on Saturday, so I only needed to plan for four meals this week, which is nice.

Monday- Homemade Tomato Soup (we didn’t have it as planned earlier this month, and I’ve been craving it, so back on the menu it goes *smile*),  Tuna-cheese melts, vegetable plate and Homemade Ranch Dip

Tuesday- Parmesan Baked Fish*, roasted potatoes, green salad

Wednesday- Slow Cooker Pork Roast*, baked beans, Vinaigrette slaw

Thursday- Eat out

Friday- Sub-Jee in tortillas, vegetable plate, Individual Berry Crisps

Saturday- Eat out

Sunday- Leftovers

*I’ll be sharing these easy, favorite recipes soon!





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Monday’s Menu

The big challenge this week is to “eat from the pantry” (in other words, I’ve spent my budget…). This will not be a problem in most areas, as we’ve got a supply in the freezer of meats, some veggies and the like and there’s flour for bread and oats for granola. The biggest hurdle for me is planning vegetables at dinner that the whole family will eat.

And by that I mean my daughter. She really only enjoys green salads which are harder to come by at this time of year.

Especially when the food money has already been spent and last week’s lettuce is history.

In winter I would be happy with cabbage slaws, carrot salads, broccoli & bean salads, vegetable soups, and simple cut vegetable plates. Which pretty much puts her on a mono-diet of a few carrot sticks (she does like more vegetables, but peas and corn are pretty carb-y and fresh green beans are not in season). I pretty much split the difference and figure on the days we have a slaw, she can grab a carrot or something (though she still has to take a “Thank-You Bite.” Do any of you have do this with your kids, too?).

What do you all so for vegetables and salads in the winter?

Monday- Spaghetti with Roasted Tomato Sauce, veggies & dip (found Newman’s Ranch dressing in a clearance bin for $1- whoo!)

Tuesday- Chicken-Lime Enchiladas (held over from last week), refried beans & rice with salsa, cabbage & carrot slaw with a spicy vinaigrette

Wednesday- Pesto Stromboli, veggies & dip

Thursday- Roasted Beet Soup* (using up the last of the garden beets and red cabbage!), chicken & broccoli salad, Easy Artisan Bread

Friday- Teaching my daughter how to roast a whole chicken: Roasted chicken with potatoes (and I’m throwing in some cauliflower *smile*), green salad (I’m thinking we’ll have enough spinach and chard from the garden for this!)

Saturday- Burgers on homemade buns, oven fries, carrots (good thing we have a lot of these….)

Sunday- Leftovers or pasta after church; Sunday Tea in the evening


*I just found this recipe from the December issue of MaryJane’s Farm magazine. It’s not on the web, so if we like it I’ll post it. It looks promising because it contains cabbage & carrots as well as beets…





  1.  says

    When my kids were little (they are now in their late 20s and living in Portland), we had a policy of “No, thank you servings.” They are now adventurous eaters with a mostly plant based diet. Like you, my daughter plans her weekly menu. I’ve never been so organized. This week I’m living off the contents of my freezer, but when I head to the store I’m going to buy some carrots and cabbage. Thanks for a great post!

  2.  says

    HI Jami,the menu looks good…atfirst I read “friedcarrots”? and I thought to myself,what is that? Then I reread and realized I was wrong…ovenfries and carrots ;) :) Have a great week and happy eating ;) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather ;)

  3. Jennifer Barker says

    OK- I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to tell you about this very cool online community garden opportunity at the Beekman House AND a contest that I think you are sure to win if you enter: They have a reality TV show that I have been following on the “green” network and I love their products!

  4. says

    I am also trying to stretch the days between shopping with more scratch cooking for our snacks. I always cook our meals but need to make some muffins and things for the kids to grab. As for picky vegggie eaters I usually serve two veg. dishes and expect one to be eaten but I always serve them both. My older kids now pretty much eat whatever I serve but my two year old is still saying yuck a lot. I keep serving it and no dessert if a decent amount is not ate. Just a gentle reminder and the plate returned from the fridge if they are still hungry. I don’t make them finish a plate though, Never thought that was important but just don’t want two bites of dinner and then have them think it is dessert time. All kids are different too. Parenting is tricky isn’t it? Sorry long reply.

  5. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    procrastadabbler and Rebecca- Oh yeah, I think I’ve heard that before- I guess we just leave off the “no.” :-)
    Jenny- I’m looking forward to Wednesday. :-)
    Heather- you made me laugh!
    Jennifer- I’ll check it out- thanks for thinking of me!
    Sunny- great ideas- it definitely gets better as they get older. ;-)

  6. says

    Our veggies in the winter are largely what we’ve canned or frozen in the summer. When we do buy things it is cole crops and roots like cabbage, carrots, celery, turnips, beets, rutabagas, onions, potatoes, etc.

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Monday’s Menu

Whew. After writing about how I organize my recipes and showing you the inch-thick clippings I hadn’t yet put into the binders, I spent some time Sunday doing just that. So now I’m all up-to-date and organized once again.
Now, if I could just stop finding all these recipes I want to keep.
Oh, and stay tuned for the Shrimp & Asparagus over White Bean Puree recipe from last week- it was so incredibly good (for being so simple) we will be eating it regularly. I’ll just try it with green beans when asparagus isn’t in season, maybe even broccoli in the winter. It also looked fancy…like something from a restaurant. Whoo-hoo, I love it!
Monday- Slow Cooker Chicken & Corn Chili*, cheese quesadillas & salsa, vegetable plate
Tuesday- Soft Tacos
Wednesday- Ancho-Cream Chicken*, rice, green salad with olives and spicy vinaigrette
Thursday- Baked chicken, roasted potatoes & carrots & onions, green salad
Friday- Shrimp & Spring Vegetable Pasta (using shrimp instead of sausage), green salad with cranberries & feta
Sunday- leftovers
*recipes to come




  1. Jenelle says

    I’m looking forward to seeing the recipes for the Chicken and Corn Chili and the Anch -Cream Chicken. They both look delicious!

    We were supposed to have shrimp this week, but I didn’t realize I’d forgotten it until after I’d left the store. :/ Such a bummer.

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