Monday’s Menu

I discovered the amount of leftovers we have when it was just two of us eating last week when both kids were gone.

A lot. And I had planned a new meal for every day- what was I thinking?

Luckily we had planned to eat out one day or we’d have been swimming in even more leftovers.

And the whole chicken I cooked on Thursday? Without kids eating two pieces each, we not only had enough for for Thursday, but also for chicken chef salads on Friday, chicken, feta, and pesto pizza on Saturday, and chicken-tomato pasta on Sunday. Plus I froze the bones to make chicken broth. That’s 4+ meals from one $4 chicken- whew!

Needless to say, the Sour Cream Noodle Bake will wait for another day. No way was I making a big pasta dish with leftover soup (from Monday!) still in the fridge.

Back to normal this week, though. Which I’m completely happy about- it was SO quiet around here last week…

Monday- Enchiladas (from the freezer), chopped salad, chips & salsa

Tuesday- Birthday girl chooses menu: Eggs Benedict (with easy Hollandaise Sauce), bacon, Orange-Almond salad, and our traditional Giant Birthday Cookie

Wednesday- Jalapeno Jelly glazed chicken, roasted potatoes and vegetables, salad

Thursday- (away track meet) Sandwiches, carrots & chips

Friday- Mediterranean Fish Bake, Easy Artisan Bread, salad

Saturday- Burgers on Quick and Tender Homemade Buns, oven fries, carrots

Sunday- Slow-cooker pulled pork in tortillas, slaw, beans & salsa






  1. Sounds like some yummy menus for your family this week!!!

  2. Sounds yummy to me too! i always find dinner time to be so difficult…i would really like a chef! lol my kiddo’s are so picky & when you try to eat healthy and have picky eaters (one a vegitarian) – they two don’t go hand in hand….

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Monday’s Menu

What a weekend. We had snow here on Thursday (the kids loved the snow day!), then the temperature dropped into the teens Friday night.

However, Brian and I were in Bend (for Brian’s work) where the temperature was 4 degrees.

Four degrees plus wind.

Honestly, I don’t know how those of you who live in areas like that do it- I seriously did not want to go outside. At all.

In fact, when we had to go get dinner, we just chose the restaurant at the corner of the street where we were staying- the hotel and restaurant shared the parking lot, so it was maybe 200 feet? Um…we drove there. I could only muster up the nerve to go from room to car to restaurant and back again.

What can I say? I guess I’m a whimp. I was SO happy to get back to my side of Oregon where it was a practically balmy 35 degrees.

I should mention poor Brian who had to stand out in the weather for four hours for his job and came back to the hotel room with frozen toes. It was about 45 minutes before he could feel them all again. Obviously we were not prepared.

Even though it’s warmer here, my mindset is all about warm food this week. Maybe I’ve been traumatized?

Monday- Turkey Vegetable Soup (from frozen bones), artisan bread, vegetables & dip

Tuesday- Slow-cooker pork roast (spread with jalapeno jelly), barley-mushroom pilaf, steamed broccoli, salad

Wednesday- Moo-shoo pork in tortillas (using leftover pork), Asian peanut slaw

Thursday- Chicken Teriyaki, rice, stir-fry veggies

Friday- Spinach, bacon, & egg salad, quick breadsticks, individual berry crisps

Saturday- Homemade pizza (moved from last week)

Sunday- Pork chops, mashed potatoes, sauteed corn (frozen from garden) & carrots, salad






  1. Ahh – the dreaded wind chill factor! We might live with it all winter here in the Midwest – but we don’t like it either!

  2. I love teriyaki… :) :) Your menus are always so tempting. I made some more homemade pretzels earlier this week. My father was very, very happy :) :) Have a lovely week, Jami. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Jami, I sent you my address again. Please let me know if you got it, thanks. Stupid internets!

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Monday’s Menu

Fa La La La…it’s the first Sunday of Advent, if you can believe that. How are we all doing- excited for the holidays or, um…not so excited?

I myself look forward to the Christmas celebrations and time with family- but only recently do I really enjoy them- and that’s mainly because I’ve simplified a lot of what I do (here’s a post from last year on how I cut out a lot from our traditional Christmas brunch and how nobody even missed them).

There’s something infinitely freeing about not trying to do all the “M. Stewart” things- even things that seem fun cease to be fun if they’re just piled on top of other “fun” things. We all know our own limits- so I hope you’ll find yours so you can really, truly, enjoy the season…right where you are now.

And I know there are some of you who are thinking, “But she said she makes a lot of her Christmas gifts- that’s pretty complicated!” Here’s my thinking: financially it means I can give more than we’d be able to afford if I had to buy gifts, the gifts are pretty simple (see some examples from this article about homemade gifts), and more importantly- it would drive me batty to have to shop for everyone on our list.

I’m not sure I’ve confessed it here before, but I hate shopping. The whole time I’m doing it I’m fretting about how long it’s taking, the money I’m spending, and so on (that includes grocery shopping, too). Ugh. There are a thousand things I would rather do- including crafting some items into a gift. Of course, some of those items need to be bought, but this year I ordered some online and made a stop to only one store.

Whew. Sanity intact.

Here’s what we’re eating this week in between decorating, working, and crafting those gifts:

Monday- Turkey Vegetable Soup (of course…I made our turkey yesterday), cheese-topped artisan bread

Tuesday- Chorizo pasta bake, Orange-Almond Salad

Wednesday- Spicy red beans and rice, Caesar Slaw, carrots & dip

Thursday- Oven BBQ chicken, roasted vegetables, Tasty Rice, green salad

Friday- Tex-mex chicken chili (made with leftover chicken), salad, chips & salsa

Saturday- Homemade pizza

Sunday- Leftovers or Creamy Pesto Pasta

Are you doing anything to simplify the holiday season?






  1. great menu. can’t wait to check out the links and more of your blog.

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Monday’s Menu

Well, the highlight of last week was the Barley Mac n’ Cheese- easy and creamy and a fun change from the normal.
I bought a ton of barley for a salad I made for the graduation party we had a few weeks ago and now I’m stuck with all this barley to use up. What was I thinking? I think barley expands, like, three times it’s original amount. And I seriously bought almost 5 pounds of the stuff when all I needed was a couple cups. Anyone have any great recipes that use barley?
This week I’ve got a chicken and half a ham in the freezer that I’m planning to get two meals each from (plus a batch of chicken broth). It shouldn’t be too hard as our teenage son is away counseling at camp. It will be interesting to see how this counseling gig of his affects our food budget this summer…
Monday- Slow-cooked chicken with basic spice rub, Parmesan rice cakes, steamed broccoli (from the garden!), Caesar slaw (garden cabbage!)
Tuesday- Chicken in homemade pitas with dried tomato vinaigrette, carrot, olive, & feta salad, hummus
Wednesday- Grilled ham n’ cheese on artisan bread, vegetable plate with homemade ranch dip
Thursday- Ham & rice skillet (new recipe), garden lettuce salad with oranges
Friday- Beef n’ broccoli (garden), brown rice, Asian slaw
Saturday- Pigs n’ blankets (use quick breadstick dough to cover), oven fries, broccoli & carrots
Sunday- church July 4th picnic




  1. Your beef and broccoli sounds yummy. Another great menu plan. :)

  2. And Miles To Go... says:

    grilled cheese–MMM. you have a great menu plan this week!

  3. There’s a yummy, filling vegetable soup on called Beaker’s Vegetable Barley soup. I think that also only uses a cup of barley, but you can make the whole thing in the slow cooker and tweak it however you like!

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Monday’s Menu

Whew-we made it through Christmas and all the activities! It was sure fun being able to see our family and friends and we have a lot of great memories.

But I sure enjoyed Saturday.

I could do whatever I wanted.

I caught up on my email and favorite blogs. I played cribbage with my daughter on my cool, new vintage cribbage board. I read some magazines. I watched TV all night with my family (oh my goodness, we are watching the BBC’s production of “Little Dorrit” and it’s so good!).

I even looked at a few of the after-Christmas deals online, but my heart just wasn’t in it- yet. That time will come.

On Sunday we had some really good friends visit who live out-of-state. We ate a turkey dinner and talked and laughed- it was so relaxing.

And now I have another turkey to make into a lovely turkey soup. This time it’s going to be a turkey-rice soup with a little cream.

Don’t say we never live-it-up here at Oregon Cottage!

Monday- Dinner and movie night

Tuesday- Turkey-Rice soup made with broth from turkey bones, slaw with vinaigrette, carrots and dip

Wednesday- Soft tacos, chips & salsa (homecanned)

Thursday- Slow cooker whole chicken with Asian flavors, coconut rice, stir-fried vegetables (and yes, we’ll probably just be home for new year’s eve!)

Friday- Rose Bowl party (Go Ducks!): bring cheese and crackers, vegetable plate, and cookies

Saturday- Dinner at friends

Sunday- leftovers

Happy New Year!





  1. I love you blog!!! For some reason my computer would never let me comment until now. So many great ideas.

    It sounds like you had a great time doing whatever you wanted. I’ll have to check out that “Little Dorritt.” I really liked the BBC version of “Pride and Prejudice.” I’m sure you’ve seen it.

    Anyway, have a great week!

  2. Go Ducks!

  3. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says:

    Latte Laura: Thanks for the comment! Yes, I love the BBC Pride, though I do confess to loving the Kiera Knightly movie version, too. But one of my favorites is “Persuasion” and the BBC did a good production of that, too. I do think you’d like “Little Dorrit” then…Dickens is a great storyteller, too.

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