Monday’s Menu

Wha-hoo- two more days of this blasted eat from the pantry thing, and I can shop like normal! Though, I don’t know why I’m griping so much, ’cause it really hasn’t been that hard. In fact, we have quite a few things still in the freezer that I could build some meals around like:

  • Frozen and cooked beans. Add some rice and pantry tomatoes for a classic economic dish.
  • Frozen salmon. We ended up not using this last week, so it’s going on the new menu.
  • Frozen potstickers. Again, something I had scheduled that we ended up not using.
  • A new ham bone plus two packages of frozen, diced ham from the meal we had yesterday.
  • One pound each of sausage, shrimp, and un-cured hot dogs.
  • Plus our garden Roasted Tomato Sauce, corn, green beans and frozen berries and jams.
  • We’ve still got a stash of pasta and enough flour for bread-baking this week.

Gee…maybe we should just keep eating from our pantry?

Um, no. I never like to have an empty freezer or pantry, as that means I have to buy things at whatever the price is at the store when I need it. What I have stocked up was purchased- for the most part- on sale or at the rock-bottom price.

What do I need now that I will buy right away (besides perishables)? Cheese, olive oil, canned tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, eggs, and meats.

So, really- not too bad. And we don’t have an empty freezer which ends up being hard on the next month’s budget, so it’s all good.

Now that I can shop regularly again.

Monday- Corn & Ham chowder, Easy Artisan Bread, vegetable plate & ranch dip

Tuesday- Individual Cheesy Crust Ham Pie (there I go with the ramekins again…), chopped salad (using up bits of fresh vegetables we’ve got left, probably mixed with some cooked beans)

Wednesday- Bean, sausage, & kale gratin (I’m making this up- stay tuned if it turns out!), sourdough bread, green salad

Thursday- Potstickers (frozen), rice, stir-fried vegetables

Friday- Baked salmon with Teriyaki sauce, noodles, Baked Grated Carrots, Almond-Orange Salad

Saturday- Homemade Individual Pizzas (this is a super quick crust!)

Sunday- Birthday party, then probably snacks with the Superbowl





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Monday’s Menu

Well, if we’ve all recovered from Brian’s guest post, it’s time for the boring menu post again. I had fun reading his post and I saw in the comments and on Facebook that many of you did, too, so I’m sure he’ll be back.

Just be careful what you wish for.

As far as our menu, this is one of those weeks that I’m trying to stretch our food dollars into the next month, so we’re really eating from the pantry. Problem is, there’s not tons in the pantry. But enough, it turns out, especially combined with the asparagus, lettuce and spinach coming from the garden.

And I don’t mean to be harping continually on the weather, so I’ll just say we’re still eating soups around here and it’s just fine. *uh-hem.*

No problems baking bread, either- still feels good to have a bit more warmth. Oh, and speaking of bread, I’ve had some more sourdough successes- including a super easy cheese batter bread that my family wants me to make a lot more often.

As in daily.

Of course I’ll share. *smile*

Monday- BBQ chicken (which will probably be baked, but I’m NOT complaining about the weather…), slaw with carrots and vinaigrette, slow cooker baked beans, veggie tray

Tuesday- Chicken-Rice curry soup (I’ll be making this up using leftover chicken- wish me luck!), artisan or sourdough bread (depending on what get’s made today), asparagus bundles, salad

Wednesday- Cheese manicotti with Roasted Tomato Sauce, salad

Thursday- Parmesan Topped Baked Fish (held over from last week…), orzo & asparagus w/feta, salad

Friday- Haystacks (beans over tortilla chips topped with lettuce, cheese, onions, & homemade salsa)

Saturday- Homemade pepperoni pizza

Sunday- leftovers or pasta






  1. says

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I am a blogger but also a fellow oregonian! I live in Central oregon Near Bend but we recently lived in Eugene and Springfield for 2 years so I know the places you mention over there having been to some of them. I look forward to following your blog and adventures. We are considering remodeling our 20 ft travel trailer so I love that post about your trailer. Happy adventures!
    Homestead In the Pines

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Monday’s Menu

It’s official.

Oh, maybe not on the calendar.

And the school year hasn’t actually started yet (that’s after Labor Day).

But the angle of the sun feels different.

And yesterday, the sun was out but it wasn’t hot.

And here’s the kicker…it smelled like Fall.

Every year it takes me by surprise in August (yeah, I’m old and you’d think I’d be use to it by now…it is optimisim or just denial?) when I think it shouldn’t happen until September.

It’s hard to explain it. Even if it gets warm again, the tide has turned…and no matter what the temperature says, it will still feel like Fall.

So I better just embrace it. And not dwell on all the summer clothes I didn’t have enough time to wear. You know, it just occurred to me this year why my summer clothes never seem to wear out…

Monday- Grilled Spice-Rubbed Chicken, Caesar Slaw, Orzo & Corn Salad

Tuesday- Dinner at sister’s

Wednesday- Chicken skewers with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Vegetable Curry with rice noodles

Thursday- Sausage & corn stuffed zucchini, roasted potatoes, tomato salad

Friday- Spaghetti with fresh marinara, caesar salad

Saturday- (First UO Duck game–see? It’s Fall.) Homemade Pizza

Sunday- Leftovers

Pretty simple this week- and easy to see what I’m harvesting from the garden!





  1.  says

    Oh, you are so lucky to be getting Fall weather already! I can’t wait for it to arrive in my area.

    Your zucchini dish sounds really interesting. Adding it to my, “Try It” list.

  2.  says

    Fall is definitely closer than ever. A damp morning after a night of rain, it smells divine! Dont even get me started about football yahoo! As far as summer clothes goes, its the first summer EVER I didnt get them out… the two little heat waves we had wasnt worth the effort!!

    I do want to say though, I ran into your blog a few days ago. I dont remember where but I saw a link, I think it was about your kraft paper floor. Your blog is fantastic!! I am fellow Oregonian (I live in the Valley) who has been in the process of remodeling our house, for 10 years, loves to garden, but isnt too successful, and is on a journey of getting processed food out the door. What a huge source of information you are! I have made note to try the Mayo, ketchup, peanut sauce, and a couple other recipes also. I have made notes about weedless gardening using newspaper and have a note about rereading your tips about getting tomatoes to ripen earlier. Keep it coming! SO GREAT!! THANKS!!

  3.  Always Nesting says

    Ditto here in the Eugene area! The day just “felt” different. We went blackberry picking mid afternoon and we had the perfect picking weather. Woke up to morning rain and it smells so good.

  4.  Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    Mic- Thanks so much for letting me know you are finding the blog helpful! I love hearing this, as you can imagine. :-) So glad you’re reading!

  5. says

    Ki was just saying that she’s so happy we can finally start eating “fall food” aka heavier meals again and she’s so happy. Your menu looks good to me.

  6. says

    oh yes, i hear you jami. i can smell it in the air too. i wrote about that a week or so ago… hunkering down, winter is long, so i’m enjoying these days now.

    thanks again for popping by from last tuesday. you must be busy making the rounds ;) it’s appreciated.

    have a lovely week ahead!

  7. Jeralee says

    Oh, I soo agree! Not only waking up to the rain this morning, but it felt brisker. There was indeed a pleasant Fall smell outside I thought.

  8. Jenelle says

    Jami- The Saussage corn stuff zucchini looks really good. Let us know how it turns out. :)

    I love being able to come to your blog when I can’t figure out what to have for dinner!

  9. says

    No! Gah! I’m still trying to pretend it’s summer, at least for my pathetically stunted garden. But you’re right, it’s cool here in Western WA too–I was actually thinking about starting the first fire of the season, since we heat with wood, but I’m going to try toughing it out till it warms up next week. :-)

  10. Zom G. says

    Ha! So I’m not bonkers! I’ve been saying how much it feels like fall lately & people keep giving me funny looks. Ladies, like you I can just sense the season this year like never before… and I can hardly wait! Anyhoo, I heart your site & your menu looks great!

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Monday’s Menu

Whew! Turkey, turkey, turkey…

And more to come in the form of leftovers. But, believe it or not I’ve always looked forward to turkey soup after roasting a turkey. I don’t know- maybe it’s just comforting, but warm turkey-noodle soup with a good piece of bread….yum.

I’ve also got a whole pan of dressing leftover and in the past have tried putting turkey and gravy over it, baking it, and calling it a “casserole.” But it never went over too well, so I found a new recipe for a frittata using leftover stuffing which sounds very promising. I’ll let you know how it goes. I also found a recipe where you crisp the dressing up like a hash and break a couple of eggs over it to cook. This had great reviews, so I might try this for a breakfast.

Monday- Turkey sandwiches, fruit, chips (youth night)

Tuesday- Turkey-Noodle soup,* artisan bread, chopped salad

Wednesday- Stuffing Frittata, Broccoli Parmesan, bruschetta with tomato topping

Thursday- Baked chicken, Tasty Rice, green beans, salad

Friday- (a birthday dinner) Roast with carrots and onions, garlic mashed potatoes, green salad with cranberries, cake

Saturday- Homemade pizza

Sunday- Turkey Tetrazzini, salad

*coming soon: how to cook turkey soup from leftover bones (riveting stuff here, I know..)






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