Monday’s Menu


Can you believe it? Wow. Between teaching, sports activities, harvesting/canning, and family outings, the last couple of months have flown by.

Remember how the time seemed to move so slowly when we were kids?

So, are you ready for November and the holidays?

Yeah, me neither. *smile*

But at least I’ve got the menu planned for next week!

Monday- Homemade Tomato Soup (can you believe this is still here? It’s been bumped now a couple of times, but this is it- it’s getting made tomorrow!), Bacon & Egg Spinach Salad, Sourdough English Muffins

Tuesday- French Beef Stew, sour-cream mashed potatoes, green salad

Wednesday- Sauteed pork chops topped with Addictive Tomato Chutney, Sweet & Sour Lentils (new recipe from More-With-Less Cookbook), roasted baby carrots

Thursday- Baked chicken, Tasty Rice, buttered green beans, fresh red peppers & ranch dip

Friday- Salmon cakes, noodles with “frugal” homemade pesto, sauteed onions & peppers, green salad, Annual Apple Tasting with the BEST Homemade Caramel Apple Dip

Saturday- Homemade pizza

Sunday- leftovers and afternoon Sunday Tea






  1. Cindy's Stitching says:

    I feel the same. time goes way to fast. I remember the 4th grade seemed to last forever. that was like a hundred years ago.

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Monday’s Menu

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my readers?

Seriously. I was just thinking this over the weekend as I was reading your comments and emails and visiting some of your blogs.

You guys just bless me a whole lot. I found myself smiling and laughing…

Yes, at the computer. No one else in the room.

It’ll just be our secret.

What does this have to do with menu planning?

Nothing (and I can’t even think of a great segue…). So, apparently, when you write a blog you can write about anything you want. *smile*

I do have a menu, though:

Monday- Cheesy Potato Soup (I just found this in The Farm Chicks cookbook- hope it’s good), French Baguettes, veggie platter

Tuesday- Roast Chicken & Potatoes (tutorial for my daughter that didn’t get made last week- she had a better offer on her social calendar, the nerve…), roasted carrots, salad

Wednesday- Chicken-Curry Soup (using leftover chicken- found the recipe in the Dec. issue of MaryJane’s Farm magazine), bean salad (using frozen beans), easy artisan bread

Thursday- Comforting Baked Pasta, green salad

Friday- Annual Snow Trip!!
Actually, maybe I should call it “Lake Trip” since I don’t think there’s going to be much snow- we’ve had over a week of sunny, 50 degree weather which followed warm rain, so what’s there will be pretty thin, I’m sure. Pretty much the opposite of the East Coast, I guess!

Saturday- I usually bring my “famous” (to my family, anyway…) cinnamon rolls, plus some eggs just so we don’t feel too guilty about the rolls!

Sunday- home in time for the Super Bowl! Which calls for some meatballs (I’ll have made and in the freezer before the weekend), dips, and chips.

Don’t ask me who’s playing, though- I just like the commercials.






  1. We love you too! Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

  2. Sounds like a yummy menu! I agree with the Superbowl. The commercials are the draw!

  3. Ok, you have just introduced me to MaryJane’sFarm and I am totally addicted. I admire the woman for what she’s doing. Amazing. Now I just have to have my own subscription thanks to you. :)

    You are a blessing. I love your writing style and your videos with your hubby make me laugh out loud every time. Thanks for sharing yourself and your knowledge with all of us. We love you for it.

  4. A family of boys says:

    I just love reading over your menus and getting ideas for the family.

    Not sure where you are headed for the snow, but my hubby was up at Timberline on Friday and he said it seemed like spring. Hope you’re able to find some snow!

  5. Jami @An Oregon Cottage says:

    Thank you, guys!

    Melody- He, He….Yeah, she’s got some pretty good ideas and is a great inspiration. :-)

    Family of Boys- Ack- we’re just headed up to Willamette Pass- nowhere near as high as Timberline. I know there’s still snow in areas, just not “nice” snow, if you know what I mean. But there’s a beautiful lake (Odell) and time with family, so we’ll have fun anyway!

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Monday’s Menu

Finally a nice weekend, and we spent most of it in the yard doing heavy lifting and digging (look for photos tomorrow). We actually had sun on Saturday, and although the sun didn’t shine on Sunday, it was warm and there were only a few sprinkles here and there. No complaints, for sure!
The freezer is looking emptier, but I’ve still got some things to move out of there in preparation for “the defrost” (really, one of the jobs I hate…), so I’m continuing to use corn, meat, and I will make some zucchini bread this week with the last package of shredded zucchini.
We’ve still got frozen berries, too, and have been enjoying smoothies more often. I’ve recently found a recipe for a fruit “Brown Betty” I want to try. Did you know the only difference between a regular Crisp and a Brown Betty was that a Betty is made with bread crumbs instead of the flour/oats in a crisp? And me with a couple baggies full of bread crumbs in the freezer…
Monday- Family party
Tuesday- Slow cooker: Chicken & Corn Chili, cheese quesadillas with salsa, veggies and dip (moved from last week)
Thursday- Slow cooked whole Asian Chicken*, sesame noodles, Asian slaw
Friday- Rice, Ham & Asparagus Skillet (just cook rice and ham with broth, then stir in sauteed asparagus before serving), green salad
Saturday- hamburgers on homemade buns, oven fries, carrots
Sunday- dinner out




  1. Looks like a great week! Are you doing to show your “defrosting”…I’ve never done it and need to. Just a little afraid :)

  2. Yummy looking week!

  3. Candi- Sure, though I don’t think I would’ve thought of it if you hadn’t said something. ;-) Maybe we’ll make an exciting video out of it!

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Monday’s Menu

Wow- it’s the last week before school starts already! Hard to believe. We are still squeezing in some weekend trips, though, so it’s really not until October that our schedule gets back to “normal” (whatever that is…).

We do what we can to stretch out our summer here. Plus September in Oregon usually has great weather still, so we just go with that. :-)

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to deal with all the tomatoes coming in from the garden…

Monday- Spaghetti with Roasted Tomato Sauce, green bean salad

Tuesday- Hoisin Grilled Salmon on Noodles with vegetables

Wednesday- BLT’s on artisan bread, garden salsa and chips

Thursday- Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and potatoes, tomato salad

Friday- trip to coast

Saturday- coast

Sunday- coast

Pretty easy week…






  1. Great menu!

    I love your blog. Makes me a little homesick for the Northwest. :-)

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