My Dish Mat Discovery, Video And Giveaway!

Click here to see video full size on YouTube.

Are you intrigued after watching the video? I really do like my Dish Drying Mat, and I actually didn’t know anything about them until just a few weeks ago.

I have a dishwasher and I love a clean sink and kitchen counters, so I put everything in it that I can. I don’t like the look of a permanent dish drainer in my sink or on my counter- yuck.

BUT, even I have to admit there are times when only hand-washing will do – large pots and bowls, delicate silver and glass, and awkward things like silicone liners. In my house these items just get set on the counter next to the sink for a few hours until they dry and then are put away.

Directly on the counter. No towel, no drainer, nothing. Because we have hideous tile and don’t care one whit about our counters. But within the next six months or so, we will be installing wood counters (ah, be still my heart…) and simply setting dishes to drain on them would not be wise, to say the least.

Enter the Dish Drying Mat, which is:

  • Absorbent (it really does hold a lot of water)
  • Nice looking and doesn’t take up a lot of room when it is put away
  • Fast drying and allows the dishes to dry faster (because of the microfiber) so less time is needed with dishes on the counter– yeah!
  • Made with a layer of foam that cushions fragile items and helps hold bulky items without slipping.
  • Able to be washed over and over without the layers coming apart.

I’m already using it on our yucky counters so it will be second nature when it really matters on our wood counters, and I love how there aren’t puddles of water to deal with everyday. I also found that it’s great for draining vegetables after washing, too.

To Order:
You can order them from the Garden Botanika website for $6.00 each, or as a bundle of three from Amazon for about $15.00: Garden Botanika The Original Dish Drying Mat, 16 X 18 Inches (Pack of 3), but there are lower-quality dish mats out there, so make sure yours is a “genuine” Dish Drying Mat made by Schroeder & Tremayne. The mats also come in two other sizes- 18 x 24 and 18 x 32.

To Win One:
I’m excited to be partnering with ten other bloggers to bring you a fun giveaway where a total of 33 Dish Drying Mats will be given away!! So lots of people can win this cool little prize!

The mats come in different colors, so each blogger is going to give away three mats in a chosen color and you can enter the one(s) with the color you’d like:

A Slob Comes Clean –Coastal Blue
Spell Outloud — Coastal Blue
Many Little Blessings –Sage Green
Finding Joy — Sage Green
Jimmie’s Collage — Gray
Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers — Gray
Raising Arrows –Red
Crispy Not Crunchy — Black
Feels Like Home –Red
Mama’s Learning Corner — Black
And here at An Oregon Cottage, you can win one of 3 Cream-colored mats.

For example, if you would like to win a cream mat, enter here at An Oregon Cottage. But if you really want a red mat, then you’d want to head over to Feels Like Home or Raising Arrows and enter the giveaway there. Make sense?

Enter using this new form I’m trying out that makes it easy to leave your email and enter numerous times (and let me know what you think!) – here’s a 45 second demo about how to enter, if it would help.
REMINDER: Please come back and click the “I did this!” button after leaving a comment- you’ll then be instructed to leave your email address there so you can be counted in the giveaway!!!

Good Luck!

DISCLAIMER: I received free dish mats and was compensated for my time to review this product. Of course the opinions are always 100% mine. *smile*





  1.  says

    I’ve been using a dish mat for over a year maybe two years now (am on my second one). The first one got stained and is now being used under the cat bowls (great for catching the water she slobbers). They’re great, but make sure you wash it regularly. Because they collect water, they can grow mold/mildew. You can see the spots if you have a cream color one, but the grey hides it. Oh – you don’t need to include me in the drawing since I already have one.

  2.  says

    Oh how I would love one of these… we have no dish washer, and the conventional plastic dish drainer is never enough– i always have overflow when it comes to air-drying dishes! (now.. if I have a couple more hands, perhaps I wouldn’t mind drying dishes half-way– )

  3.  says

    OOOHHH! This is so exciting! Oh and the video was hilarious! If I could win one of these mats, I would consider it a great blessing!
    With eight of us in the house, dishes certainly pile up. They don’t always fit in the dishwasher, so the counter top is left to contain them…yuck. I do not own a dishrack and this would be a must have on my Christmas wish list if I don’t win one!

  4.  says

    I have had to throw away not one but two really pretty hand embroidered dishtowels because they kept getting soaked from being used as drying mats and couldn’t dry fast enough. These look great!

  5.  says

    Hello, We are traveling missionaries and live full-time in an RV, I’m currently using a washcloth on the counter and could really enjoy using something that is more absorbent! And one for the dog dish as procrastadabbler suggested!

  6.  says

    So excited about this giveaway!! I have wanted one of these for a while but I had talked myself out of buying it. Maybe I will win it!
    It would be perfect for air drying dishes and veggies.

  7.  says

    I would love to dry my dishes on this. I like the others uses for them too, especially for under pet bowls. I do not like the look of a dish drainer sitting out nor the gunk they collect. This looks like it is a great solution. Folds away and is easily washed to keep it clean.

  8.  says

    I would use it for drying dishes, and putting my strainer when done. I have been using my metal racks and just letting the water drip onto the tile below, I would no longer have to do that.

  9.  says

    I really need extra counter space and we don’t have a dishwasher. Being able to just put it away after use would be wonderful. Drying off fruits and veggies on it would be lovely, too.

  10.  Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Ana- Oh, what timing- ugh! At least you’re enjoying yours now, though. :-)

    Jimmie- Well, it’s really all my husband, but I’m happy to be along for the ride. ;-)

    Procrastadabbler- Great tips- thanks!

  11. says

    Would love a set of these! Not just for dishes but for the fruits and veggies too. And the idea of using one under the puppy bowls is great too!

  12. Anonymous says

  13. says

  14. Primrose says

    Jami, this video was just what I needed this Saturday morning when I had to get up and work rather than staying in bed as my body would have preferred! I watched it twice as I had to share it with my hubby too :)

  15. says

  16. says

    I milk goats. I wash milking equipment. I don’t have a dishwasher. The combination of these facts means I often have breakfast dishes to wash while milking stuff is air drying in the dish drainer. Do i leave the breakfast dishes ’til later? (NO!!! I can’t STAND sinks filled with dirty dishes!! My one nod to OCD.) Do I put away the milking stuff before it is fully dried? A FAR from ideal plan… Do I wash my milking things onto a drying mat, leaving them to sit undisturbed until fully dry? Sounds like an EXCELLENT plan! If only I had a drying mat….

  17. says

  18. Anonymous says

  19. Anonymous says

  20. Amy Skogerboe says

  21. Vinnie's Warriors says

    Sure, I’d like to try one… but we don’t have a dishwasher and I’m laughing at having a fancy mat. We use a towel! Just a regular dish towel. Hang it up to dry and get a few more washings before needing to wash the towel itself. :-)

  22. says

  23. Anonymous says

    What a great way to dry dishes! I would love it because it can be rolled up and put away! =)
    samc3dp at yahoo dot com

  24. April says

    I would love this for setting fresh foods on that I had washed. I always end up with a mess of water all over my counter!!

    kuenzifamily at tds dot net

  25. Anonymous says

    You are very clever. I enjoyed watching your video. Would certainly love to try the mat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Kari J. says

    Would love to have one of these for the plethora of hand washed dishes we always seem to have. Thanks for doing this give-away.

  27. says

    I would use mine to air dry dishes. The rental we are living in has a huge marble island and the hard water dripping off our dishes is staining it :(

  28. Rachel says

    For my kitchen counter – veggies, dishes, and whatever else needs it.

    For drippy kids to stand on after a bath … might need a much bigger one for that.

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