New Ebates Card Option!

OK, I don’t do a lot of online shopping (maybe once a month average), but when I do I always check Ebates first to see if the store I’m ordering from offers rebates. I’m sorry that doesn’t, but I’ve used Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, Ebay (can you believe it? It’s like getting a little money to shop at a thrift store!), Barnes & Noble, Target, and JC Pennys in the past.

It never seems like a lot- $1.50 here, $3 there, but then I receive an email telling me I’ve got a payout coming and I’m like – “Yeah- money for something I was going to do anyway. Whoo-hoo!”

Since I signed up last spring, I’ve already received $50+ dollars back, and like I said, I’m a sporadic online shopper. I look for deals that are better than what I can find in stores. Here’s one I can think of from last June: I got two pairs of sandals for my daughter and me at buy-one-get-one 50% off + a 20% code I had + a free shipping code, for a total of less than $35.00 or $17.50 each. We couldn’t find anything like these around town for less that $29.99 each, so they were a good deal. And the I got Ebates credit for them. Sweet.

So, I was happy to see in the last email that Ebates is offering a VISA debit card option instead of a mailed check (you can also choose a paypal option). It’s fine with me because I don’t have to use a stamp to mail in the check to my bank (we hardly ever drive there!), and I can keep the card and they will just recharge it when I have enough money accumulated again.

But best of all- they paid me another dollar to choose the card option! Hey- every little bit helps. :-)

If you haven’t registered with Ebates before, you can go here to sign up (takes just seconds) and you will receive a $5 bonus (at your first purchase).

You can start shopping through the Ebates site, or if you start shopping at the store first because you forgot about Ebates (*cough*), just put your items in the shopping cart and then go to Ebates and when you get back to the site through Ebates, your items will still be in the cart. This was new to me when I first did it- it works, though!.

If you are already registered, take advantage of shopping through Ebates (or try Cashbaq, another rebate shopping site) for any online purchases you may make for Christmas presents. I’m planning on shopping for online deals for children’s books and toys and clothes for my family- I really like the ease of shopping at home and having them sent to me! Plus, there are often free shipping offers that are listed at the sites, too.

There are a lot of things that take too much time for the return (like filling out survey forms, or even using coupons for some people), but shopping through one of these sites (or using Swagbucks to do normal searching) are ways to may a few extra dollars for almost no extra time.

How can you beat that?






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