New & Improved French Beef Stew!

French Beef Stew - aka The Best Stew Ever - An Oregon Cottage

Happy Monday all! I’m so excited that I finally updated the photos of one of my favorite recipes that I just had to share it with you. For months, literally, I’ve been meaning to take new photos of French Beef Stew – which is the best stew ever, I promise – because such a good recipe was being hindered by truly awful photography.

And I’m not just sayin’ that to be modest. Since this stew has been a favorite of our family’s for years, it was one of the first recipes I posted complete with flash and yellow overhead lighting. Which is bad enough, but then I tried to “fix” it a couple of years later and it was such a digity mess that I didn’t even want the thumbnail to show in our new recipe gallery. And no, I did not keep a copy of the awful photo – it was too wonderful to be able to trash it, so you’ll have to trust me on this.

Anyway, if this photo makes you want to try it then I’ve done my job, because I want you all to be able to experience this. Plus, there are a few other new photos, too, and updated recipe-step pictures.

Click here to see them plus the all-important recipe – and let me know if you try it and if you think I’m exaggerating!


  1. YUM!!! … and your recipe looks tres delish!!! Both the 2009 and current photo of this recipe makes your taste buds hola!!

  2. Looks amazing!! I never would have thought to put bacon in beef stew. My husband is going to love this!! Thanks so much!!

  3. Martha Ellen says:

    Jami, I made this today for dinner and it is wonderful! I have been making beef stew for years and I must say this is way better than my recipe. Thank you so much–I did add potatoes and wished I had diced them instead of quartering them. I did add more liquid when I added the veggies as it was cooking down quite a bit. The bacon indeed adds a wonderful layer of flavor!

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