An Oregon Cottage Button

We’ve got a new blog button for An Oregon Cottage. It will be located in the sidebar right above the Tuesday Garden Party button with a code for you to grab and use on your blog.

Do you recognize this picture from a few weeks ago? Yeah, I liked the new Adirondack chairs we got this summer. But what I REALLY liked was the idea the chairs illustrate: slow down and enjoy simple pleasures with someone. Even in the garden that needs weeding, watering, or whatever. Remember to embrace imperfection.

And that’s a “cottage thought” for sure.






  1. I like this -how do you make one?

  2. Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says:

    Vickie- I’m glad you like it! My husband makes all our buttons, so I don’t know how. :-) He uses a photo editing program and creates a 125×125 size and then adds words and a border. Email me if you’d like more detailed instructions and I can get him to respond. I think there are some tutorials on the web- try Googling “designing a blog button” and see what comes up!

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