An Oregon Cottage On The Road: Video of Breckenridge, CO

We’ve been enjoying a few days in Breckenridge, Colorado, thanks to the Savvy Bloggy Summit and rewards points that provided Brian’s free ticket (and mine, too) so he could tag along.

And before I hear from Dear Ramsey fans about credit cards and why those tickets weren’t free, I’ll just say we use it for our regular things and it’s the same as using a debit card for us- the receipts go right into the budget.

SO, back to Colorado. Have I ever mentioned that I spent a summer working at a dude ranch about a couple of hours north of Breckenridge in college? Most people I tell this to don’t know what a dude ranch is, but it’s basically a (really) nice resort where you can ride horses as well as do other resort-y things. It’s very expensive, but families that can afford it make yearly trips.

It was a very interesting experience, and an exhausting one as I was in housekeeping. Let’s just say I learned a lot of things that make me think about how I leave hotel rooms now.

Plus the important skill of being able to make the end of the toilet paper into a little triangle.

We thought you might enjoy a video of some things we did while in Breckenridge:

Click here to see Breckenridge: On The Road With “An Oregon Cottage” full size on YouTube.





  1. So CUTE!!! I watched the video and now I know what you and hubby look like!! You are a good looking couple.. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan…but no worries…you won’t be hearing anything from me on the matter of money…NOPE…How fun…I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado…Your video is really well put-together!!! Have a great rest of the trip!!!! Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

  2. very cute video…the pics of colorado are beautiful

  3. Oh my goodness, Love your video! It was so nice meeting you and chatting with you at the Savvy Blogging Summit. Thanks for all your gardening advice!

  4. Thanks Heather and Kristia!

    Jamie- loved meeting you, too- don’t give up gardening. :-)

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