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  1. Youthful One
    June 14, 2009

    You did a GREAT job of beautifying the inside of this trailer!
    I always have visions of doing the same kind of thing with a vintage trailer, but I imagine it would be even harder for us to find one to fit our family of 8. :-P
    Have a wonderful adventure!

  2. Anonymous
    June 14, 2009

    i loVe yoUR BloG..
    TheSe thinGs–vintaGe–aRe cuTe aNd neeD tO bE kepT aLiVe–i thinK..
    YoUuuuu aRe veRy BLeSSeD….

  3. Gayle
    June 14, 2009

    This looks so great and like a fun family time. We sold our trailer two years ago and I miss it. I’ve been to Wallowa and it is beautiful.

  4. janice
    June 15, 2009

    I have thought for awhile that we are kindred spirits but the vintage trailer makes me sure of it. We seem to like all the same things, gardening, cooking, saving money and vintage trailers. Have a fun trip with your family.

  5. Jami @ An Oregon Cottage
    June 15, 2009

    We were very thankful last night for the trailer, small or not, as it POURED RAIN all night long. We all stayed dry and woke up to blue skies today- yea!

    I’m so glad to know there are others who like vintage. We get interesting looks from most of the other campers hauling their big rigs. :-)

  6. Tucknell
    May 25, 2011

    Just found your blog and I am blown away by your vintage trailer! It is SO similar to ours. We have a 1964 Cardinal–my husband painted it white with red striping! :-) Ours is 15 ft so it has a little more room in it–and it still has the stove and oven which both work perfectly!! My husband and I have plenty of room in our cute little trailer–and we are “headquarters” when our children and grandchildren are camping with us. They have tents, but we keep the supplies in the trailer and do the food prep there! We have had lots of people who want to take a look at our vintage trailer and are impressed with the beautiful wood interior! We’ve had ours for about 10 years now and I’ve just completed new curtains for all the windows–bright yellow with big polka-dots! This summer’s gonna be fun!

  7. Jami @An Oregon Cottage
    May 25, 2011

    Tucknell- Sounds fabulous! I hope one day to get the outside painted- did your husband do it himself?

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