How to Make Better Foam on a Home Cappuccino Machine

How to Make Better Foam on a Home Cappuccino Machine - An Oregon Cottage

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here! If you’re new, you may want to subscribe to get our email updates so you won’t miss any of our easy recipes & diy projects! Thanks so much for visiting!This is a guest post from my beloved, Brian, who has gifted me with chocolate-topped cappuccinos every morning for more than […]

Salmon Patties with Flax {Gluten-Free}

Healthy Salmon Patties with Flax - An Oregon Cottage

I love, love, love salmon. That and shrimp are the two things I mostly order when we eat out, if they’re available. Steak-schmake, I’ll always take a salmon filet or a shrimp skewer over it any day. In fact, I’ve never been to most of the steak houses in our town, but I know almost […]

DIY Salvaged Chair French Bench: Video & Old House Journal Feature!

Video Tutorial on How to Make a DIY Salvaged Chair French Bench - An Oregon Cottage

I am beyond excited today to announce two things surrounding our popular tutorial about making a French-style bench from salvaged chairs that has been featured on sites like Apartment Therapy and Knock-Off Decor: First, you can see our DIY salvaged chair bench in the current August edition of Old House Journal!! I know, can you […]

TGP 7.08.14: Fighting Early Tomato Blight

Fighting Early Tomato Blight - An Oregon Cottage

How was your July 4th weekend? Full of fireworks and food I hope! I had the food and fun time with our family, but passed on the fireworks (I know, we’re lame). You can see from the title, though, what I did with the gardening part of my weekend – fought the early tomato blight […]

Garden Chores for July

Garden Chores For the Month of July - An Oregon Cottage

Even here in the Northwest the month of July usually starts a dry weather cycle and the garden chores mainly consist of watering, watering, watering. If you use a traditional vegetable gardening method (like tilling a large section of ground in the middle of grass), you will also be weeding, weeding, weeding, so that your […]

Video: Easy Organic Weed Control with Paper and Mulch

Easy Organic Weed Control with Paper and Mulch-The Video from An Oregon Cottage

I’m so excited to share our newest video with you since I’ve talked a LOT through the years of this blog about one of my favorite ways to keep weeds to a minimum in flower, shrub, and perennial beds and borders: by layering newspaper, brown paper or cardboard with a rich garden compost mulch. How […]

Carrot Salad with Feta & Olives

Carrot Feta and Olive Salad - An Oregon Cottage

This salad is one of my favorites of all time. Really. For those of you who’ve been around for awhile or who use our menus, this isn’t a surprise because it’s been featured in many of our meals. Why? Well, I think it’s well established that we like our feta around here – Three Pea […]

Tuesday Garden Party 7.01.14: Two Lessons Already

The Tale of Two Corn Beds - An Oregon Cottage

Here we are on July 1st and I already have two lessons from my garden to share with you for the Tuesday Garden Party! You’d think the lessons would wait, right? The first is this sadness: Lesson 1: The Tale of Two Corn Patches The bed on the left? Planted with our early corn (2 […]

July Dinner Menu Ideas

July Dinner Menu Ideas - An Oregon Cottage

July in Oregon may be hit-or-miss, weather wise (I’ve seen my share of cold and rainy 4th of Julys!), but one thing we can count on is that we will see lots of great garden produce and fruit. Blueberries, raspberries, Marionberries, currants, peas, carrots, beets, zucchini & summer squash, onions, early beans, basil, and more. Yum! And […]

Dollar Store Chalkboard Pots

Dollar Store Chalkboard Pots - An Oregon Cottage

When I was planning our chalkboard theme double graduation party I found pictures on Pinterest that coordinated with our chalkboard theme of painted terra cotta pots, which I thought planted with flowers in the kids school colors would make great centerpieces. The problem was I needed 10 and didn’t really want 10 small terra cotta […]

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