Rebates Are Real

I’ve talked about getting rebates in some of my deal posts, so I thought I’d take a minute to show that they ARE real. For a few minutes of my time filling out a form and the price of the stamp (in the Rite Aid case-no stamp, just typing the receipt info. onto their web site), I have received these three checks within the last week.

Guess how much? Would $10 or $20 dollars sound good?

How about $52.48? Whoo-hoo! This is cold, hard, cash people- not just a gift card (though I love those, too), or a visa card- this goes right back into the checking account.

And did I wait months? Nope, both the Kraft and Kelloggs rebates were sent mid to late August, and the Rite Aid was entered just a week and a half ago.

Here’s a little more detail:

This was the Kraft rebate from August. I bought $25.00 worth of food (before coupons-I didn’t spend that much- you can see the deal here), got a $5 catalina coupon to use on my next trip to Albertsons, and a form to fill in and send for a $20 rebate= FREE FOOD.

Though some people had problems with Albertson’s personnel and the Catalina machines (see discussion here), this end of the deal came through just fine. :-)

This is the rebate from the Kelloggs “Fuel for School” promotion (see the deal here). I actually wasn’t sure I would get this because I realized after I sent it in that I had bought two boxes of Special K crackers, and the eligible food items only had Special K bars listed.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy when I opened this today!

Both the above deals were actually money-makers because I used coupons to buy the items. Oh, yea!

I have been having a great time with Rite Aid lately. The above amount was garnered during September when I was purchasing items with a Rite Aid gift card I had qualified for back in June (it did take a couple of months to get the gift cards from Rite Aid…).

So, in case that wasn’t clear: I didn’t pay anything out of pocket, AND I got another $22+!!

Honestly, this is so fun- I just want to tell everyone to shop at drugstores, do rebates and save some moola!





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