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Hello, friends! Thought I would alert you some guest posts I’ve done recently, in case some of them pique your interest {wink}.
See this awesome, large, wood-framed bulletin board pictured above? Yeah- Brian and I made that for A LOT less than the $300 Ballard Designs charges for a similar sized framed board.
A lot less. Oh, did I say that already?
And it’s easy, too. Really. Read all about how we made this bulletin board over at The Happy Housewife using a ready-made board and salvaged molding.
On a side note, this board is the beginning of a workroom organizing make-over that I’m trying to finish before sharing with you all. And, man, is this space in need of some organization – sheesh, I’m tired of living among the piles, I tell ya!

If you’ve got gardening on the mind and you’re looking to start some new beds, 6 Steps To An Easy Care Garden that I wrote for About One’s blog, In A Nutshell, might be just up your alley. It’s a culling of a number of different gardening techniques I’ve mentioned here at An Oregon Cottage, all in an easy-to-read format.

Also at In A Nutshell, I shared 3 Basic Spice Rubs and How To Use Them. I LOVE using spice rubs to amp up the flavor of anything from meats to vegetables. And with these three rubs in your spice cabinet, you can add to the flavor of many types of meals, from BBQ to Tex-Mex.


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