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DIY Kitchen Remodel Details {and Cost Breakdown}

DIY Farmhouse kitchen

…rst experience with Ikea’s oak butcher block counters (link to the exact type we purchased). In our former kitchen we used pine a friend helped us sandwich together, since there was no Ikea in Oregon at that time. In our current house, we installed a beech Langan wood counter in our bathroom and were planning the same counter for the kitchen. But Ikea has trouble keeping them in stock at our Portland store and after waiting a year (we’…

DIY Kitchen Remodel: From 80′s Ranch to Farmhouse Fresh


I’m over-the-moon-excited to tell you we are 99% done with our kitchen remodel! AND that we’re not living with this anymore. Can the DIY sigh of relief be heard around the world, do you think? Are you ready? Here’s the kitchen in all her new glory: I’m in love with everything: the counters, of course, but also the new beadboard backsplash, huge single sink, and farmhouse faucet. Bri…

The Remodeling Series Part 2: Painting The Great Room

Remodeling Series Hallway Before and After - An Oregon Cottage

…– and oh the light they let in – I LOVE these doors. Painting the cabinets on the dining side of the kitchen really brought out their molding and details. The Kitchen After telling ourselves to get plenty of ‘before’ pictures of our house this time around, I’m pretty bummed that the top photo is the only before picture of the kitchen I can find – it hardly shows the kitchen at all (it does,…

All About The Kitchen Remodel

kitchen counters before

…This is a sight I’ve been waiting to see for eight years: demolishing the 30-year-old tile in our kitchen, wha-hoo! Which means we’ve started the last stages of our kitchen remodel which was begun when we sprayed everything with white paint in 2004 right after buying our house and was continued when we retrofitted a cabinet to hold an over-the-stove microwave. And yes, it was started a long time ago – sigh. Such is the…

Past Preserving Totals & Recipe Links

Preserved-Food-Canning-Recipes: An Oregon Cottage

Here’s where you can find lists of my past preserving counts, including any recipe links, which I’ll update here for easy reference. Use this page to find recipes and to see how much a family of four ‘puts up’ for a year’s worth of preserved goods. 2013 Preserving Count & Links 2 qt. bags whole, frozen strawberries 5 qt. bags frozen Boysenberries 2 qt. bags frozen Marionberries 6 qt. bags fr…

Amazing Homemaking eBook Offer


…oking by Crystal @ Money Saving Mom ($3.99) Simply Summer by Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama ($7.95) Do the Funky Kitchen by Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers ($4.95) Real Food Kids: In the Kitchen plus 1 month access to select Real Food Kids eCourse videos by Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS and Jami @ Eat Nourishing ($20.00) Seasonal Menu Plans on a Budget: A Month of Meals from My Humble Kitchen to Yours by Diana @ My Humble Kitchen ($4.99) Just Making Ice Cream…

August Harvest & Preserving Recipes {TGP}

August Harvest and Preserving :: An Oregon Cottage

…o taking the first bite of, too. I have two goals with my garden and harvests like this – fresh eating and preserving to (hopefully) last us through the winter. Here are some of my favorite preserving recipes I’m using over the next 2 months as these vegetables are producing in the garden: Tomatoes The Easy Way to Peel Tomatoes Addictive Tomato Chutney {Lower Sugar} - many batches, we ran short this year, eek!! My Favorite Salsa for…

November Kitchen Remodel Update


Uh…where to begin? Let’s see, in a nutshell: A little over two months ago we started on a long-awaited kitchen remodel that I wrote about in this exhuberant article. Other than one sorry posting to Facebook showing how I was canning without countertops, there’s been nothin’ but silence. So much for my grandiose plans of “blogging and updating on facebook” about the remodel. The 31 Days of Thrift Store Transfo…

Spice Cabinet Cleanup: Before And After

spice shelf after

…some round, white stickers we already had and some old scrapbooking number stickers on top of them. I also added labels to the containers that didn’t have them using my label maker, coordinating them with each other – it always makes things look better right away, don’t you think? Then I grouped like items (loosely- not everything fit just perfectly) into each: Shelf 1 holds curries, ginger, and Asian spices Shelf 2 holds taco…

Kitchen Saga…and a Thanksgiving Week Menu


Does this photo look familiar? That’s because it was in last Monday’s post as well. Why am I showing it again? Because this last weekend was a complete re-do of the weekend before. Painting every cabinet I thought I had finished. Again. Ugh. I had really debated sharing this with you all – I mean, how much are you gonna be interested in my little kitchen issues. But as much as I want to keep it upbeat and in…

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