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Amazing Whole Wheat Flaky Biscuits

Amazing WW Flaky Biscuits - An Oregon Cottage

I love these whole wheat, tender, and flaky biscuits. Really. But you’d never know that looking at our menus because when I serve them my family, especially Brian, always manages to make a comment like, “they’re fine…they’re just not a real, yeast bread, you know?” Arrggg- silly family. These truly are amazing, I love them, and […]

Monday’s Menu

menu banner #2

Oh, man- I’m so excited for this week: Spring officially starts and we get to go on a family vacation! Wha-hoo! It’s somewhere warm and I’ll tell you all about it when we return, but for now it means that I only have to plan four meals this week. Bonus! Not that I dread planning […]

Monday’s Menu

Goodness, I’m looking at a busy week. I’ve got parent-teacher conferences, so I’ll be working late and Brian’s out of town for three days. This is the kind of week I’m so grateful for the few minutes on Sunday I spend menu-planning. I can decide to take it easy and go with simple fare, look […]

Spicy Chicken Noodle Salad

Chicken Noodle Salad

Main dish salads are one of my go-to meals for the summer. I love recipes like this Spicy Chicken Noodle Salad because it can be made in advance (read: in the morning when it’s cooler) and it’s a one-dish meal- all the carbs, protein, and veggies are included in one bowl. There are quite a […]

August Seasonal Cooking

Welcome to the August edition of our monthly series that aims to help you cook more seasonally (visit the first one, Seasonal Cooking For May, for an introduction and definition of “seasonal”). If July was the harbinger to abundant produce, August is the start of the official “oh my goodness, what am I going to […]

Monday’s Menu

Some weeks are harder than others to plan a menu. Why is that I wonder? Maybe it’s all the excitement from being published for the first time. *smile* Whatever caused it, I just stared at the menu blankly for awhile, walked away from it, and then pulled out some old menus for inspiration. And of […]

Simple Barley Pilaf

barley pilaf

I love the nutty, hearty flavor of barley and I wish I would remember to cook with it more often. When I get in a rice-pasta-potato rut, I pull out this easy barley pilaf dish. I think its best with mushrooms, but they seem to be a love-it-or-hate-it vegetable, so you could decide to leave them […]

Monday’s Menu

So, it’s the start of 2011 and I find myself asking, “should I still be doing a weekly menu plan- are people getting tired of it by now?” I’d love to know what you think- meanwhile, here’s what I’m thinking: -I need the menu for me. After steadily doing it for more than two years […]

Monday’s Menu

Well, friends, the rains and winds have come and I’ve definitely transitioned into the cozy fall mode. I’m lovin’ my flannel sheets and electric foot warmer on my bed, the fire in the wood stove, and finally soups, stews and chilis are sounding good to me after all the salads and grilled foods of summer. […]

Back to Basics: Defrosting The Freezer

I got some great feedback on the The Back to Basics series that ran a few weeks ago. We looked at simple, easy, and cost-saving homemaking skills like making bread, jams, and pantry items, starting a garden, and creating simple cards and pillows. Since there’s a lot more basics we can cover, I’ve decided to […]

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