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Frugal Menu Planning

…gs that your family likes. If it helps, make a list of “family favorite meals” and keep it with your menu planning things, adding to it as you find new meals. Another way to record what your family likes and what you’ve served is to keep all your past menus in a binder (this is what I do). After awhile, you’ll have a super resource that’s easy to look through for ideas. It also aids in cooking seasonally, as you̵…

Menu Planning

Menu Planning One of the easiest ways to curb spending on eating out, as well as keeping to a grocery budget is planning a menu. It can be weekly or monthly, include all three meals or just dinner, but menu planning is your friend in the battle to embrace frugality, simplicity, and using what you have!Just beginning to menu plan? Start here: Frugal Menu Planning for my introduction on how I plan menus for our family. And then find inspiration,…

Easy Steps To Frugal Menu Planning: An Update!


Hey all! No Monday’s Menu today ’cause we’re playin’ it loose and easy on vacation. I know…crazy, huh? But I did want to let you know that I updated our Frugal Menu Planning post that was published way back in the dark ages (read: in the first days of this blog’s existence). We added this spiffy new banner you see above, simplified the text and generally made it a lot easier to read! In it…

February Dinner Menu Ideas

February Dinner Menu Ideas - An Oregon Cottage

Happy February! As you may remember from last month, for 2014 I’m switching up the menu to be sort of a monthly list of seasonal dinner menu ideas that will hopefully provide you with meal ideas to help you plan your family dinners. So, if you see something that your family would enjoy eating and that you have the ingredients for (or can easily get) then all you need to do is copy and paste it into your own dinner menu

Monday’s Menu


…a bit crazy and when things aren’t “normal” I’m always a little tempted to throw out the menu-planning. However…I’ve still got food that I need to use (and might be missed if I “winged it” all week), and we do still need to eat, so I’d have to think of it eventually, so I might as well plan for the days I know we will need meals for. After years of menu planning it has become a habit, I guess….

March Dinner Menu Ideas

March Dinner Menu Ideas - An Oregon Cottage

…e produce within a year (usually the optimum time frame) and it makes room for the upcoming season. So when meal planning for March I look for ways to use some of these items like frozen corn, pesto, green beans, beets, roasted tomato sauce and canned goods like diced tomatoes, pizza sauce, and salsa. And remember if you need more meal-planning help, tips or encouragement you can check out these articles in our archives: Menu Planning 101 (dinne…

Monday’s Menu (on Sunday)

…subscribing in a reader or by email is the easiest way to stay on top of all the newest things around here). The menu was hard to come by this week. Sometimes it’s just like that. I’ve got to look through past menus and just pick something that we’ve got all the ingredients for because my brain’s not thinking of great menus right now. Don’t ask me why. Remember, to get the most food budget savings from your menu plan…

Monday’s Menu: Free Menu Ebook!


…something I’ve been working frantically on the last few weeks – that DOES have something to do with menu planning! I am happy to announce our 22-page “ebooklet” called Summer Dinner Menus: Simple, Seasonal, & From Scratch: And this book is FREE to everyone who subscribes to An Oregon Cottage! I’m super excited to offer this to you guys for all your faithful support of AOC and I hope that you…

January Dinner Menu Ideas

January Menu Ideas - An Oregon Cottage

…ll highlight some of the recipes I link to. Since I believe that no one can follow someone else’s specific menu plan (every family is different in food preferences, needs, etc.) I think providing a list of dinner ideas would be the most helpful to you. If you see a dinner that your family would enjoy, you have the ingredients for, and think would be fun to make, then all you need to do is copy and paste it into your own dinner menu planning

Monday’s Menu

Another Monday, another menu. Do you ever get tired of planning a menu – or thinking about meals and cooking? Yeah…me, too. But what are the alternatives? Falling into eating the same things, or “quick” processed foods, or even going out to eat which wreaks havoc with the budget. I’m sure we all are prone to it at some point or another (and depending on your season of life, you may not have much of a choice). So…

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