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Tuesday Garden Party- View Of My…Seeds!

I think the theme for today’s Garden Party was supposed to be “favorite garden views or structures” or some such thing. But since I did take advantage of our snow day last Thursday (school was canceled…) to plant some seeds, the “view” I’m going to share with you all is this: This is good- I […]

Tuesday Garden Party- Early Harvest Ideas

OK, I’m going to be honest with you- I spent the first 10 minutes of this post trying to figure out what I meant by the theme “early harvest ideas” that I came up with last fall! In fact, I’ve got half a post written about extending the harvest that I realized is next week’s […]

Tuesday Garden Party- Seed Starting Tips

In honor of this week’s theme I thought I’d offer up a recap of some of the previous posts I’ve done about starting seeds indoors and what I’m doing different. In my very first post about how I start seeds indoors using inexpensive trays and equipment, I shared all the steps I take when starting […]

All About Starting Plants From Seeds

If it’s February, then it means I want to start thinking about my garden. Actually, I could already be planting some things if I used a hoop house and was a little more exhuberant about being outside in the cold and rain. *blush* Anyway, I’ve heard from a number of you that you are ready […]