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April Garden Chores- Tuesday Garden Party


Well dear garden friends, we had the first nice weekend in awhile here and as a result I sit here typing this with sore leg muscles, and aching back and weak fingers – it’s amazing how pulling weeds can affect your fingers! And here is what I have to show for it outside: I showed […]

Tuesday Garden Party- Look What I Grew!

Isn’t this the most incredible cauliflower? It’s called Romanesco Cauliflower and I found the seeds in the Pintree catalog last winter and thought it would be interesting to grow (Territorial also has the seeds, but they list it as a hybrid broccoli and it’s called Veronica– it seems to be alternately called cauliflower or broccoli, […]

A Sad Day For Tomatoes

good tomatoes

I’ve written a lot about growing tomatoes here in the Northwest. We have to start them early from seed, plant them with protection, grow varieties that ripen early, and then pray for warm weather. Even then, we get a year like last year: Cold, wet spring + cool, wet summer = lots of green tomatoes […]