Three Steps To A Spruced Up Outside Entry

I’m embarrassed to say that my front porch looked like this until about two weeks ago:

That’s right. Two weeks ago was the first week of March. And that is an old Christmas wreath and a sled (you know, for all our snow…).

Hey, at least I took the ribbon and decorations off the wreath for the winter.

And that the pot next to the sled? It sports a dead primrose from last fall and another one only half-alive.

It’s amazing what you don’t see when you don’t want to…

Needless to say, our entry needed a major spruce up, but with a “cottage mentality” of simple, beautiful, and within a budget. Here are the three easy steps I took to go from embarrassed to happy about our outside entry:

1. Decorated. I ditched the evergreen (umm…everbrown?) wreath and replace it with a twig wreath with spring colored seed picks (which I can remove for other seasons). With a 40% off coupon, it was less than $10 and I’ll be able to use it for the rest of the year with simple seasonal changes (or just leave it, if I want).

2. Refreshed Planters. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on planters trying to get them to look like magazine pictures. You’re probably not surprised that I find simpler is better- both on my pocketbook and my time.

I first removed the dead primrose and trimmed the other one. Then for spring color I bought a .99 pansy and for future summer color, a $2.99 fuchsia that will bloom all the way until the first frosts, plus add some height to the planter.

I’ll probably replace the primrose and pansy with impatiens for summer and fall (easy to get in 6-packs for less than .50 each), since this is a north-facing porch. Geraniums, alyssum, and lobelia are some choices for sun, with grasses and salvias for height.

3. Cleaned & Swept. I cannot say how much using a broom to get cobwebs, dead leaves, and debris from the porch floor, walls and ceiling goes towards making a good first impression.

And I say this so emphatically because I don’t do it nearly enough- it’s really easy to forget about the outside of our homes, and I’m as guilty as the next person (who doesn’t do this regularly…I’m sure there must be some out there who do).

I added a chippy chair I keep for the porch and a welcome sign on the brick ledge and called it good.

Actually, called it great compared to the old brown/green wreath. The cost? Fourteen dollars and twenty minutes of my time.

This I can do.

What about you- how do you spruce up your outside entries?

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  1. Wow! Fabulous job and super cute!

    You are so right – it IS amazing what we don’t see when we don’t want to.

    Can’t wait to see your other Spruce Up posts!


  2. This couldn’t have arrived in my e-mail at a better time. I keep thinking it is me…but now I see you and many others feel the same….just get started with a few things and before you know it, you’re done and can enjoy what really matters. Feels better too that you live a normal life with a nice cozy normal home. Thank you. Mary S.

  3. Great, practical approach to sprucing up an entry. Now if it would only stop raining and I could get outside to spruce mine up. :)

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. Wow, you did a g reat job with the sprucing up of your porch at a great price too. I’ve always loved porches. I think porches have a touch of simplicity and romance too. Besides, when I have my own place, it’ll have a nic eporch like yours. I could see spending time out there with a nice cup of tea, something to eat, a nice book and a comfy quilt. Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Tanya Taylor says:

    What a big difference with a few changes – I love it!

  6. looks great! spring is such a great time of year!!

  7. Can you come and spend 20 minutes around my entry way? Mine looks just awful. Very plain. I love the little changes you made to make it look so sweet and homey!

  8. Pretty! My husband and I were just on a walk the other night and we were noticing pretty porches, and talking about what we’d like to do with ours. Love yours!

  9. Looks great! Sweeping the outside entry is now on my to do list for today. It is such an easy thing to do, that for some reason gets neglected. I need to clean my front door as well!

  10. I have a sled just like yours! Isn’t it amazing how sprucing up the porch for spring can motivate you? Too bad the weather isn’t cooperating! Enjoy the peace this Spring Break. I am a teacher as well and this is my first time I have ever not scored papers for the state…it feels great!

  11. Such a huge difference . . . and I thought it looked great in the before picture!

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