Tuesday Garden Party- Last Big Haul

It’s a few weeks earlier than normal, but I knew we had a wet Sunday forecasted and I hadn’t picked tomatoes for a few days because we’ve been working on a big project around here (how’s that for a teaser?), so I picked all I could find on Saturday afternoon.

I brought out the big guns for this harvest- the 5 gallon buckets and the wheelbarrow. You might not be able to see it all, but this is what was in the wheelbarrow:

  • Yellow and green zucchini (the giant clubs were composted, though)
  • Large ripe, red bell peppers
  • A million small, sweet peppers
  • About 10 ears of corn (most just the last of the partial ears low on the plants, but, hey…)
  • As many grape tomatoes as I could find that weren’t split and rotted…
  • The second head of fall broccoli (plus some shoots from the spring plants- they’re like the energizer bunny)
  • Three heads of purple cabbage (there’s a story behind these: they are from a plant that is a year old- I cut the head off and left the root in the ground ’cause it was out of the way and I’m, well, a little lazy *ah..hem.* Then I saw about 5 new little heads last spring and decided to leave it to see how big they got. Three of them grew to regular sized heads all on the same plant. Seriously. And they are perfect. Talk about your easy food source….)
  • The last of the basil- just brought in the whole bush to pick off the leaves while watching TV. You do what you gotta do…
  • An experimental cayenne pepper plant. Last year I hung one in the garage to dry. Well, I live in the Pacific Northwest, yet I guess I really thought this was a possibility. That is, until I saw all the mold on them. This year I’m using the dehydrator.
  • A sunflower seed head. I take one into the preschool I teach every fall and read The Tiny Seed to the kids and then put the seed head in the science center with some tweezers for them to pull the seeds out with. They LOVE it. Then we plant the seeds in the spring and they take home a sunflower plant.
  • About 40 little white pumpkins. I love decorating with these and sharing them with my preschoolers, too. I haven’t had to plant seeds after the second year- I always have volunteers and just move them where I want them to grow.

What…no tomatoes?

Oh, I’ve still got some, though they’re in the “pinkish” stage still. I picked everything that I thought might turn because I didn’t want them to split with the rain. Some are in brown paper bags to ripen throughout the rest of the month, some are in single layers in boxes.

These baskets hold the last of the heirlooms. Sadly, my favorite Cherokee Purple didn’t really produce much this year. I think I got a total of 5 tomatoes, and a few of those were pretty small.
Brandywine was the winner this year. It took awhile, but when they finally decided to ripen- whoa!

A 5 gallon bucket of paste tomatoes. The really large ones are an heirloom called “Polish Linguisa” that is very similar to the Amish Paste that I grew last year. I think these held up longer that Amish though, and you gotta love the size…so I will probably grow them again.

And a little basket of some ripe (and splitting) tomatoes that I need to use right away. I’m seeing freezer Roasted Tomato Sauce in their future…

How about you? Any last harvests, fall gardens, decorations, or recipes you can share with us?





  1. says

    Wow…yousure did pick a lot of veggies. I’mnot surprised you needed to bring out the buckets and the wheelbarrow :) :) :) I thought that first photo was really nice. The veggies looked good, but all that bright color :) :) One of my co-workers bought a whole bunch of different tomato starts…and one of them is called a zebra tomato. It’s a green tomato with dark green stripes…like what you’d see on a zebra. She gav e me two of those. That’s an interesting plant!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. says

    Our CSA has been bountiful the past couple of weeks as they harvested the eggplants, peppers, etc. “one last time.” My tomatoes are done for but I ‘m still getting some cucumbers.

  3. says

    Wow what a great haul! My garden has been slowing down the past two weeks and we got hit with our first frost just the other night. I also picked any pink or nice looking green tomatoes and have them in paper in the garage.

    I love your photos!

  4. says

    jami, i shared my final harvest with you too. it’s laughable compared to yours :) but i wanted to take a moment and thank you for giving me the chance to share with others here this last season. i’m very much a new gardener, and if you recall, i started with a 4’x4′ plot of dirt for my veggies. it has given me SO much. and i have learned so much from you and your readers who shared their links as well. so thank you all! i’ll be visiting over the colder months, but likely wont have much to share. so, see you around!


  5. says

    I’m getting ready to do my final harvest this weekend.. have about 8 plants full of tomatoes ( san marzano, green zebra, black roma, yellow pear, and sweet millions..

    still have a huge ( 7ft ) tall bush of long purple beans.. probably about 7lbs on there, but I’m sick of canning beans, so I’ll probably donate them to the local food bank.

    I’ve got about 2 or 3 cases of various types of pickles to make this weekend, then it’s time to focus on curing meats again :)

    all the best from puddletown


  6. Alea says

    What an amazing harvest! I am hoping to get a couple more weeks out of my garden. I love the putting up process after a harvest. Tomorrow I will be making pumpkin puree, mmm…

  7. Beth says

    I’m hopping next year for some paste tomatoes – love tomato sauce – love dried tomatoes – fresh tomatoes – not so much.

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