Tuesday Garden Party- October Things

Whoa- October, and as I wrote yesterday, all my tomatoes decided to ripen at once. I’ve been waiting so long for enough to preserve that I don’t want any to go to waste, so I’m running around like a madwoman going from one thing to another.

And, darn it, life just doesn’t stop when it’s canning time.

It’s a good thing my daughter likes taking pictures, so at least I have this beautiful fall-colored marigold to remind me of the season.

I certainly am not in a picture-taking frame of mind right now.

Remember these peppers? Well, more of them ripened! So now I have enough to can roasted peppers in wine and share the recipe with you.

Stay tuned.

And this is what my extended family did last Saturday. It was our annual “Apple Day.”

It was also a bad apple year in our area and trees we’ve seen loaded with apples every year for the previous five years we’ve lived here were bare. We resorted to calling around to anyone we could see that had apples that looked like they weren’t being used.

My brother-in-law even knocked on people’s doors if he thought they weren’t going to use their apples. And if they didn’t answer because some stranger was knocking, he would pound on the door and even return another day, obviously scaring the poor people inside and probably causing them to need therapy.

Hey, all in the interest of getting enough apples in a lean apple year.

Want to know what we did with all the apples we managed to glean? Check back tomorrow for the full post!

In the meantime, tell us what you’ve been up to- how are you using seasonal produce, what does the garden look like, and are you decorating for fall? In fact, I found a really great centerpiece idea from last week’s garden party (thanks, At Home ‘N About).





  1. says

    Our apple harvest was okay this year – but after the bumper crops the last two years, we’ll be fine! We’ve done the “knocking on doors and asking for apples” as well! Next time have one of the kids do the knocking – we got a better response! :)

  2.  says

    so is it bad to freeze apples? Sorry wouldn’t know. I do know that my mom grates them into the gallon ziploc bags and freezes them to use later in making apple cake. So is Hood River the only place you can go to pick apples? I’m in Happy Valley and would like to go somewhere close to Clackamas..sorry so many questions.btw I love checking out Tuesday Garden Party!

  3.  Thoughts for the day says

    We drove to Hood River for apples and brought them home to enjoy. They were put in our garage refrigerator and they froze. So once more we are without good crisp fall apples. My disappointment was very hard to hide. :o(
    Don’t know what to do with them now.

  4.  Thoughts for the day says

    Hi… I am from Yamhill county, in Newberg. We go to Hood River and follow the fruit Loop it is very fun and the markets are very different. The first one up the hill(going towards Mt Hood)from the town of Hood River is the farm we generally go to the apples are already picked in large bins. They have good prices. The apples were awesome and had a variety of choices to choose from. One can freeze apples but they should be cut first and then either cooked or sealed in locked containers. Ours froze in the refrigerator its temp was too high. I am not sure what to do with them.
    If you don’t want to go to Hood River there are farmers markets all over the area. (a good one is outside of Clackamas on the way to Carver or Boring at the main intersection) Not sure what that road is called.
    Hope it helps.

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