Tuesday Garden Party- Seed Starting Tips

In honor of this week’s theme I thought I’d offer up a recap of some of the previous posts I’ve done about starting seeds indoors and what I’m doing different.

In my very first post about how I start seeds indoors using inexpensive trays and equipment, I shared all the steps I take when starting vegetable and flower seeds indoors. That was a few years ago, and while I’m using mostly the same technique, I did purchase and use a seedling heating mat last year for my tomatoes and peppers.

And I have to say, I did notice a difference- the seeds germinated faster, especially the peppers which can take a long time to sprout. Not only that, but I kept the peppers on the heat mat the whole time they were indoors before hardening off and planting out in the fake hoop house I constructed for them. And though I had to wait until the end of September, I did harvest quite a few ripe (as in, not green) peppers. So I will definitely be using the heat mat again this year.

I followed that post up with this one on how to care for those seedlings as well as how to harden them off and plant them when they’re ready.

But I hope the most useful thing I’ve published is the Organic Gardening Checklist which lists month-by-month which seeds to start when as well as planting dates and even fertilizing tips. This checklist is a PDF which you can download by clicking on the link here or in the Organic Gardening tab under the header.

I find it so useful for me that I’m planning to highlight this checklist every month and coordinate it with what is actually happening in my garden. Sometimes I get to everything on the list and sometimes I don’t, but it’s nice to have one list to refer to when I wonder what I should be doing. I hope this is something you will find helpful.

As for January, plan, dream, and order some seeds!

Now it’s your turn- what do you have to share?

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  1.  says

    I wish I could contribute but starting seeds is definitely an “area of growth” for me. I’ve done it two years in a row and can’t even begin to feel sastified at my efforts. What we do and what I envision are two very different things. I’ll look forward to reading people’s contributions this week as I need the help so badly!

  2.  says

    I’m so excited that I FINALLY have a garden post!! Although it maybe a bit premature, I just couldn’t help myself! =0) I hope 2011 is a good gardening year in Oregon!!

  3.  Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Mary- not as different as, say, Australia. ;-)

    Wendy & Shannan: I hope the TGP helps inspire you for your planning! Starting seeds is not difficult and you can just start with a few (say only tomatoes) to see how it goes!. Actually, the hard part for me is hardening them off- I could write pages on the mistakes I’ve made (ie, plants I’ve killed) just trying to harden them off!

    Yeah, Holly!!

  4.  Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    That is surprising, Gina! Yeah, I found I was trying to look through various resources for fertilizing and pruning tips, so I just added the ones I cared most about, and I do find it helpful. :-)

  5.  Gina says

    I thought that since we are on opposite sides of the country that your checklist would be much different than mine – but surprisingly, they are very similar! I think I need to print your off though for the fertilizing information. I never thought to add that.

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