Tuesday Garden Party- Some Highlights

Wow- we had the most participants yet for last week’s TGP! It was sure fun to visit all the gardens linked up and see what is happening all over the country (oh, and I did visit all the links, but with 43 blogs linked up, I didn’t have time to comment on all of them…).

I enjoy getting new ideas and inspiration, learning about new things and plants I’d like to try. Here are a few that stood out to me from last week:

Wendy at The Local Cook is working on her herb beds and had some great tips she’s learned- including some about transplanting herbs, which should help as I move my herbs from pots to my new herb garden!

Adrienne at La Vie Quotidienne made me covet something I’ve never even thought of before: a little bridge. Who knew?

Esther at Fleur Cottage posted about this Akebia vine that covers an arbor in her backyard. I was happy to see it’s hardy and it’s definitely going on my to-buy list. Love. It.

And every time I see the photo of Debbie’s Potager I am filled with garden envy. It’s so neat and tidy- I just want to hang out there. *smile*

As for me, the tomato saga continues- I managed to find most of the varieties to replace those I lost, and for $1.09 each, it’s not the money pit I feared. Plus, my sweet cousin, Faun, gave me two new tomatoes for my birthday because she felt so bad about my decimated ones.

And speaking of decimated tomatoes- guess what did all that damage?

Slugs. Hundreds of them- I can’t remember when they’ve been this bad. I inadvertently made a trap for them when I stuck the new tomatoes I bought in their cardboard tray under the row cover over the tomato bed. I meant to plant them Saturday, but it rained (as in, poured- I’d plant in light drizzle, after all, I’m an Oregonian!).

Then I went out to plant them on Sunday and was driven in by heavy rain – and HAIL – before getting them planted.

I finally looked at them on Monday and found about 50 slugs slumbering in and around the pots on the cardboard. Aaacckk! Dead, dead, dead, each and every one- plus many more that I went looking for.

And you can bet I liberally applied the slug bait after planting which I managed to finish right before…

Being driven in by pouring rain. Again.

Please, rain- please go away…we’re drowning here.

So, yes, I’m looking forward to seeing your blooms and harvests and even your sun to remind be that it’s still out there- somewhere.





  1.  says

    Debbie’s Potager is beautiful! I have to show my dh to see if he could build a permanent fence like that around our main garden to keep the deer out.

    I hate to say this given your tomato debacle, but our tomatoes have fruit on them! However, I’m seeing lots of aphids and white flies. I think it’s going to be a buggy summer in the mid-Atlantic.

  2.  Diana says

    lovely photos and great ideas. I am with you on the rain… can’t quite take it anymore! Half of our tomatoes are still in gallon pots, with blossoms and root bound. Regardless, they are going out this week into the raised beds. I’m praying for a sunny day this week.

  3.  says

    We even have slugs in dry Nevada this year–what a spring! Good luck with your new tomatoes, Jami.

    Anyone have any tips on a good summer lettuce to grow that doesn’t easily bolt?

  4.  Kim Yamaguchi says

    I really look forward to this garden party every week! I get envious looking at Debbie’s Potager too!

  5.  Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    Medowsweet- I’ve grown Jericho, a slow to bolt romaine type, and Sierra or Nevada- both a batvian (crisp leaves) type, but the Nevada is gorgeous with red-tinged leaves. There’s also Summertime an iceberg-type crisphead, which has a lot more dark green leaves than when you buy them at the store! I always plant some Summertime Lettuce Mixes as well.

    You have to try a number of kinds, ’cause some will do well, and some won’t- like everything in gardening, I guess! :-)

  6.  says

    Awww! So sorry to hear about your tomatoes! I guess the rain would bring them on? I am watching my garden for tiny snails. I just started finding them all around our front yard. I hope they don’t get into anything! Grrrr!

    Take care!

  7.  Denise says

    Glad you got to replace your tomatoes. We are begging for rain here in Texas, can you send it our way!!

  8.  Esther@fleurcottage says

    what a lovely surprise to be featured! i hope your tomatoes will produce three-fold for you! :)

  9.  says

    I found your blog while visiting bloggers from another garden party at Fishtail Cottage. It would be fun to join you some time.
    That’s the best looking pottager I’ve ever seen at Deb’s.

  10.  Jami @An Oregon Cottage says

    There are lots of “garden safe” slug baits now to choose from. They aren’t cheap and they don’t work quite as well, but they do help and I believe they are safe for pets, as well.

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