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  1. Rene
    January 14, 2011

    I’m bookmarking this recipe for sure. This bread looks amazing!


  2. Janet Marie
    January 14, 2011

    I just mixed this up and set it to rise. :) Great post. Have a great weekend!

  3. Gina
    January 14, 2011

    Yummmy! This looks like something I couldn’t quit eating either!

  4. Shirley
    January 15, 2011

    This looks so delicious!! I wonder, can it be made in a bread machine? I can never get my bread to rise on its own.

  5. Cathy
    January 15, 2011

    Hi Jamie – It’s so nice to meet another Oregon blogger. I don’t bake bread often enough and appreciate your step by step instructions. You’ve inspired me to give it a try. What could be better with a big bowl of soup on a wintery day?

  6. Jami @An Oregon Cottage
    January 15, 2011

    Whoo-hoo, Janet Marie-nothing like taking the bull by the horns, huh? :-)

    Shirley- I’ve never used a bread machine, so I’m not sure how easy it is to make a regular recipe transfer. Let us know if you try!

    Cathy- Yeah- another Oregon blogger! So glad your going to try it- you won’t be sorry. ;-)

  7. Heather at Dusty Bay
    January 15, 2011

    Thanks for the recipe, your bread looks very tasty!

  8. Rose
    January 16, 2011

    Hi Jami,

    You posted this on the right day for me because I tried your recipe yesterday and the bread was wonderful! I do have to say that I always use active dry yeast vs. instant yeast and proof it for the very reason that happened to me yesterday. Have you ever had your instant yeast not rise?

    I proofed my yeast but it didn’t proof. My hands were cold so I thought that maybe I had misjudged the water temperature. So I proofed a new batch. Nothing. I got another jar of yeast and added a bit of sugar for the yeast to feed on. Nada. Becoming frustrated, I decided to take the temperature of the water, add sugar, and set it on our woodstove where it was definitely warm, and tada! I had active yeast. So, I am not sure why every now and then I have some mysterious force preventing my yeast from working, but I always seem to get it to work in the end. And this batch that worked was from my first jar of yeast, not the second jar that I had opened. I make enough bread and pizza dough on a regular basis that my yeast should not go bad, but if anyone can shed some light for my as to why yeast is so finicky at times, please let me know.

    The other thing I usually do is spray water into the oven right before I put the bread in and I brushed mine with water like you said and it turned out great. Thanks for sharing, Jami.

    • Esther
      August 17, 2013

      I’m glad I noticed this comment because this is initially why I landed in this site. I was searching how to make bread in Oregon (moved here not too long ago and my bread recipes were not rising). For all the bread I make now, I first put yeast in 1/4 cup of warm water and for every 1 TB of yeast I add 1 tsp of sugar and let sit for about 5 minutes. It has never failed me!

      • Jami
        August 19, 2013

        Great tip, Esther – thanks from me, too!

  9. Jami @An Oregon Cottage
    January 17, 2011

    Rose- Well, I’m glad after all that that the bread turned out for you!
    To be honest I don’t have many problems with instant yeast, per se. Meaning, since I don’t proof it, I don’t see it. ;-) What I do get sometimes is bread that doesn’t rise like it should, though it’s always edible bread. From the same batch of yeast, like you. Wish I knew the reason- it does seem rather random, though I suppose I must be doing something wrong. :-)


  10. SnoWhite
    December 28, 2011

    These look wonderful! I’ve always wanted to make a baguette… maybe 2012 will be the year! Thanks for linking this up to the best bread recipes of 2011.

  11. Priscilla
    April 16, 2013

    Hi, love this easy recipe! I tried it but somehow my dough never seemed to poof up or get bigger. Is there any tips or some way I’ve done wrongly? Let me know?

    Thank you.

    • Jami
      April 16, 2013

      I read your post, Priscilla, and I think you’re right that if you made only two they would’ve risen better. Either that or your yeast was old. :)

  12. Rachel
    May 4, 2013

    Just made this yesterday along with your granola and it was outstanding. Now waiting on your chewy granola bars in the fridge. Thank you for these wonderful resources!!

  13. rose
    July 17, 2013

    Hi Jamie, would like to try your bread however, I just wanted to know if you used your dough blade or your regular blade in the food processor?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Jami
      July 17, 2013

      I don’t have a dough blade, I just use the regular blade that comes with it, Rose. Hope you like it as much as we do!

  14. Linnet
    August 19, 2013

    Hi Jami

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I’ve tried it myself and loved the results but I would like to know if I could bake the bread within the day of making the dough?


    • Jami
      August 19, 2013

      I’m not sure what you’re asking, Linnet – could you clarify? I always bake this bread the same day – either right away or after sitting in the fridge for a few hours. Do you mean you want to leave it in the fridge?

    • Linnet
      August 19, 2013

      Hi Jami,

      You gave me the answer I was looking for.. I did want to bake it right away..thanks!


  15. Erin
    October 22, 2013

    Hi Jami –

    Can I use a mixer with a dough hook for this recipe?

    Thank you for all your help!

    • Jami
      October 23, 2013

      I’m sure you can, Erin, though the kneading time would be longer (5-6 minutes, I’d guess). The FP just makes it a bit quicker. :)

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