View From The Cottage

I just had to share this “view” from our cottage- makes me want to grab a book and a glass of ice tea.

And I mean, right now.

Darn, I’m still writing this. Well, you guys are fun to be with, too.

We have wanted some comfortable chairs to enjoy our garden from for a while. You can only sit in a chair around a table for a bit- they aren’t exactly the ideal for relaxing with a good book.

Looking at styles of outdoor chairs, we settled on Adirondack chairs, but never wanted to pay a lot of money (what- you’re surprised?). But we didn’t want cheap ones that wouldn’t last a season, either. We tried to talk our kids into taking woodshop at the high school where our nephew made Adirondack chairs for his folks (we started with hints, then moved to outright begging…), but that wasn’t happening.

Then last week when I was buying paint and things for our daughter’s room makeover, I found these chairs on clearance for $40 each! They are great quality (originally over $100), have foot rests that slide out and back in, and backs that adjust to two different positions.

In other words, the perfect chairs for that book with arms wide enough for that glass of tea.


Now I just have to take the time to actually sit in them.

Details, details.

At least I get to look at them.






  1. HI Jami…. Oh I love Adirondack chairs.. They remind me of Craftsman style homes and all the cool furniture that goes with it…not sure why. I think my great-grandparents had those types of chairs…made from wood. Those are the best. OK, seeing the view of your garden, I can see why you’d want a glass of ice tea RIGHT NOW…Yeah…love chairs with arms wide enough to hold a nice something to drink :) :) ) Have a great weekend. Make sure you get some time to actually sit in those chairs this weekend :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. I am looking for chairs just like this, and like you I have not wanted to pay the big bucks for them. I am heading out today to see if they have been marked down yet. I want to put them by our pond along side the Weeping Willows. I can see the image so clearly in my mind… :o)
    Have a great weekend and go get that book!

  3. Always Nesting says:

    Love those chairs!! Iced tea and great chairs, perfect for our beautiful Oregon summers.

  4. I’m jealous- wonderful chairs and a great shady spot for this ultra-hot (for Oregon) weather.

  5. They’re so comfy to sit in too and that wide armrest is just inspired. You’ve got a little bit of garden heaven there!

  6. Great chairs. Great price. Great view! I am a porch swing girl myself but those would be great for book reading. I swing and watch the birds at my bird feeders.

  7. I love those sliding foot rests! We purchased two adirondack chairs this year – at a great price ($29) but my husband had to put them together and paint them (blue). I love how comfortable they are and those armrests wide enough to sit your beverage of choice on! Your view is terrific!

  8. Marsha Neal Studio (Marsha's Garden Blog, Marsha Minutella) says:

    I have been thinking the same thing: Adirondack chairs! But I don’t want to pay upwards of $100 for one of them…

    It gets me in that funny, I don’t get it spot, to see Adirondack chairs – out of recycled plastic – that are SO expensive (like $150)… C’mon – really? Are they going to last forever and take a good power-washing after being left outside all the time?

    I think the family may be making a trip to the store tomorrow to see if we can get a deal like you found. I want to put my feet up like that and watch the kids run around…

  9. The Rustic Victorian says:

    Oh! great view,,grab some pillows,,what a life! Enjoy!

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