A Welcome Break

I spent this last weekend at the coast with the girls in my family. It was a nice time to get away from all the normal things and the weather on Saturday was incredible for late October! As you can see, it was nice enough for sunglasses.

If you’ve ever spent time on the Oregon (or Washington) coast, you will know that the most amazing thing was this:

No wind.

There was a little breeze, but that doesn’t count. I’ve been there when the wind was so strong you had to lean into it and the sand stung when it hit you. And the wind is strong most of the time.

We were blessed.

We also saw this really cool rock formation nestled in the side of a cliff. Here are the things we thought it looked like:

An egg.

A brain.

A turtle shell.

A pregnant tummy.

That last one’s pushing it a bit, but it was sure fun to look at.

My little niece and nephew got to experience it with us, too, as well as seeing a large group of whales migrating right in front of our hotel window! We saw spouts and backs and tails for two straight afternoons, plus a couple of jumping seals.

To top it off, we swam and used the spa in the pool overlooking the ocean with the sun shining and the whales in the distance.

In Oregon.

In October.







  1. Wow it looks gorgeous in Oregon this time of year! Love your blog!

    visiting from blabbing about blogs!

  2. Just wanted to remind you that we featured you today over at http://www.blabbingaboutblogs.blogspot.com! We love your blog! :)

  3. Just this morning as I was cleaning out some drawers, I found a photo of a trip to Oregon that I took back in the mid-90′s with 2 of my college roomies. We spent half of the week camping and hiking along the Oregon coast. The other half was spent in Portland and touring the wine country. It still remains my most favorite vacation. Unfortantely my hubs wasn’t there, but I keep telling him that we need to go. Absolutely beautiful.

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