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Thrift Store Transformation-Chalkboard Placemats :: An Oregon Cottage

Oh, guys, I have been so excited to share these chalkboard placemats with you! They are so cool and fun for all ages, and while they do make a great handmade gift, I’m totally keeping these for myself. They will look great with the thrifted chalkboard napkin rings, don’t you think?

I’ve actually been wanting to do a thrift store transformation on the cork placemats I see a lot of at thrift stores for awhile now, and after seeing this flash sale a month or so ago from

jane chalkboard placemats

As well as chalkboard placemats at Uncommon Goods ($35 for 4) and Crate and Barrel ($10 each, though they’re made of wood) and other places, I knew another chalkboard transformation was in my (and your!) future.

Thrift Store Cork Placemats-Before: An Oregon Cottage

Here is the set I found at our local Goodwill, $4.99 for a set of 4. Most of the time I find cork placemats for about .99 each, but these came in a box – and looked like they had never been used – so they were priced .99 higher. I know that dollar stores sometimes carry cork placemats as well, but you know how much I love rescuing something that is being thrown out, right? Plus the thrift stores I shop at all support good causes, so I just prefer to not buy new, if I can help it.

Painting Chalkboard Placemats- An Oregon Cottage

Oh my gosh, this is so easy you’re gonna love it!

Use the same black flat brush-on paint that we used on the chalkboard napkin rings, but this time apply it with a foam paint roller. If you don’t have one, you’ll want one for sure for this project – and any project you want a smooth finish with no brush lines. Simply cover the entire surface with an even coat of the black paint. Let dry and add one more coat.

Conditioning Chalkboard Placemats- An Oregon Cottage

Once your placemats are completely dry, condition the paint with chalk like all our other chalkboard projects. Rub the entire surface with the side of a piece of chalk and then wipe with a rag. Ta-da! You’ve now made a chalkboard without any fancy chalkboard paint.

Thrifted Chalkboard Placemats | An Oregon Cottage

To give these as a gift (if you can part with them…), use a long ribbon to gather them together and tie a box of chalk into the bow. I decided to draw a place setting on the top placemat with a chalk marker, just to make sure the recipient could tell right away what they were, but it’s not necessary. And a $5 {and change} gift – mats, dollar store .33 chalk, and probably .50 worth of paint – that looks like a $20 to $40 gift? You know how much I love it!

I’m sure by now you can tell how much I like these (duh…), so much so that I’m planning a whole Thanksgiving table with a gold and chalkboard theme – which of course I will share with you!

In the meantime tell me, are you going to make these? And if you do, will you keep them or gift them?

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  1. So fun!!! I hit up Goodwill this weekend looking for something specific, and wouldn’t you know it, I ACTUALLY found it!!! I got an old piano bench, with storage in the seat, for $12 buckaroos. I’m gonna upholster the top, paint the legs, and give it as a Christmas present. Wahoo! Gotta love the junk stores.

  2. Super cute !

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